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Nervous About Surgery...

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Just speak to the anesthesiologist about it..that's the most important person. One took notes before my hysterectomy last year. My doc was delayed in doing my hyst due to baby delivery...I had to get up to go to the bathroom and it was noted my HR jumped 50 beats or so...I explained to the anesth again, this is normal..but he did an ekg just to check..and just said WOW..you just have learned to live with this huh?

It is anesthesia folks job to KNOW the ANS as that it what they are working with ..so tell him your patterns..and if things dip they can treat it while you are under.

I had a great reaction to my anesthesia...so much so that my MOOD was elevated for over THREE DAYS!! LOL...I wanted more...I was told it was the midozalom (sp) that was added to my cocktail...but we are ALL DIFFERENT and mileage may vary.

I asked for detailed hospital bill because it was 17, 000 for 23 hrs (outpatient surgery) and THAT is where I found the list of drugs given to me during my surgery. HANDY to have that since it agreed with me.

Good luck with your surgery and just SPEAK your mind to the anesthesiologist!!

Keep us updated.

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Handy indeed Sophia.--- ;)

Thanks for telling us about that. I didn't know the drugs were listed on the detailed bill.

Good luck KansasGirl, as Sophia said, the anesthesiologist is the best person to contact, and he may know what POTS is. Some Docs will put POTTS on a report or their clinical notes, and that's a different disease altogether. this is why you want to speak with the anesthesiologist specificially to make sure he/she has the CORRECT "POTS" diagnosis in any medical records. It's important to say postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, and tell them it affects the ANS--autonomic nervous system.

I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Maxine :0)

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Thanks to all for the great advice! LOL yes I know about the incorrect spelling of it. I've had SEVERAL ER docs try to spell it POTTS. I will make sure and let them know the details. Well, I've got my sonic ice cream (gotta have somethin comforting before tomorrow).. i'm gonna eat it and try and get a decent night's sleep. Thanks again.

ks girl

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