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Reactive Hypoglycemia

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Dear POTS Friends,

It's been such a long time. Gentle hugs to everyone.

I've had some major life changes (had to leave my job after 23 years) and have been struggling with my old friend autoimmune thyroid disease since last spring. I suspect all this plus the perimenapause added at no extra charge sent my body/mind over the edge. :(

As for my POTS it had been pretty much what you'd expect under high stress -- oh, look today is a day that standing up is OPTIONAL! But all in all, I was able to keep my fluids high and I knew what to expect.

Then the "NEW" symptoms started. I noticed that almost anytime I ate what seemed like anything ... I would get these adrenaline surges, my whole body would shake, then the heat, ear ringing, oh and the pain in my neck and shoulders. I am the guru of adaptive diets so I committed myself to a strict four day rotation plus anti-candida diet. That was three months ago. But the surges still kept coming. I've spent the better part of the last six months beating myself up for being unable to manage these "new" kind of panic attacks. So as the agorophobia set in and I wasn't getting any better ... I started researching other options.

Gosh I wish I had thought about coming back to potsplace before I sank so deep into this potshole. The symptoms of reactive hypoglycemia described exactly what I have been going through. And because eating was causing me so much distress, I often was delaying breakfast until 10 or even 11 in the morning ... so my body (who thought I was fasting) was REALLY sensitive by the time I began to eat for the day.

So now that I've read up on what I SHOULD have been doing, I've begun eating SMALL amounts first thing when I wake up and then every 2 hours (including a protein - nuts, beans, soy, cheese ... EM's a vegetarian.)

I know there are no magic bullets ... but I am hoping that this piece of the puzzle will help me get back on my feet (and OUT the front door!)

Thanks to everyone for posting such helpful information. Sharing your stories helps so many of us.



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i know exactly what you are going thru because i go thru the same things and more everytime i eat and eating is a total nightmare! i get terrible adrenaline surges, with terrible pressure headaches and ear pressure and even squeezing of my throat like there isnt enough room to swallow the food and this all happens everytime i eat no matter what i eat! i hope you find some answers and if you please let me know, i am always hungry and can only eat so so little


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