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Has anyone tried Clonidine and if so, did it work for you, what side effects does it have? My GP just gave me a prescription for zoloft and clonodine. I am already on clonazapam and atenolol but he said I would eventually be able to maybe wean off the atenolol. Ihave been on it for 16 yrs.

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i took clonidine. i took .05mg every day. no real side effects until they raised it then it was just more fatigue to deal with. it did seem to lower my heart rate but i was on it for bp and the dose was too loww to help that. but as i said i did a lot better on it than any beta blocker i took. oh a little bit of dry mouth too i guess, but we drink so much anyway, it only really bothered me at night when i woke up with dragon breath, lol. good luck. it's one of the few drugs i have tolerated with not too many side effects. :huh: morgan

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