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Update On My Surgery

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Well I went in yesterday for the surgery. They got in there and saw that there are three arteries feeding into the main AVM feeder itself and they were not able to use the coils to fix the problem. And I have an aneurysm in my kidney. So the doctor and the specialist looked at the pictures last night and the specialist is going to call another specialist in the Kansas City area (I live in Wichita). They said this very "impressive" (although, I am not too impressed!) and that they have never seen something like this in this position.... They are saying they may have to take out my entire kidney now. The good news in all of this is that my doctor's exact words were "After looking at those pictures, i'm pretty darn sure this is what is making you so sick"....... I'll keep everyone updated..

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I'm so sorry to hear about all you've going through. Please know that yoyu'll be in my thoughts and prayers. The good news is that you might start feeling better when this gets sorted out. Until then, please be sure to keep us updated.


P.S. I'm not "impressed" either :-) (Strange choice of words....)

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Wow, I guess if you are going to have a weird thing, have a massive weird thing....It does sound like something that could be the root of your problems though and even though the thought of this is so scary, you can certainly lead a totally productive life with one kidney. I think I'd give a kidney or just about anything to feel normal again, no matter how scary it seemed. But that's just me of course.

I can see the gleam in the doctor's eye on how he plans on writing this one up for a journal! It's nice to know he's so "impressed" with you and may profit from your misery in more ways than one. :)

We can only hope and pray that this is the cause of all your problems and you will have a full uneventful recovery with no lingering effects! morgan

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Thanks for the encouragement.. I know it's rediculous that doctors don't seem to care much until it's something "strange or impressive"... It's funny how he's taking me SO seriously now that they have something on "paper" showing I am really sick, eventhough i've been screaming this for almost 3 years now.. oh well.. the most nerve racking thought is losing a kidney and the whole process but I agree, I would gladly give up a kidney to get rid of this misery!!! Hopefully they'll figure something out within the next week and I can get it done and over with!!!


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