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Pots Or Panic?

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I need your input! Today I worked out at curves, got my heart rate up a bit, sweated a little and stopped after 30 minutes (I see stars if I continue any longer). I tried to cool down a bit and drank lots of water before I got in my car. I felt okay when I left. Within a couple of minutes I was on the highway and got this feeling like a warm fullness (pressure?) in my face and head. I felt like I was being pulled down, I was losing focus, and then came the shot of adrenaline and I was thinking "oh #$@@ I better pull over." I didn't because I just wanted to get off the high way so I opened the window and slapped my face few times and totally focused on staying "with it." It was scary since my one bad presyncope was when I was driving (before dx and meds). It is hard for me to tell if this was pots experience or a panic reaction because I am so tuned into my body and was feeling a little off. Anyone else get that full head kind of feeling? I generally have high bp but maybe that was a bp drop? Just when I settle into a pattern of symptoms, something new hits! ugh! Thanks!

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