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Lame Doctor Appt


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To follow up on another post,

I finally saw the ep who diagnosed me with ncs 1.5 years ago. Turns out he has minimal experience in this area-- which he at least admits. My 30-day event recorder showed that my rhythm is okay-- sinus with some brady and tachy. it's all a bp regulation which he doesn't know what to do with.

My orthostatics definitely showed a drop-- 108/60 sitting, 84/56 after 45 seconds standing. To this he yelled at me that I must be dehydrated. Drink! you're not drinking! what the????

Well at least he could admit what he didn't know, and I got my heart rhythm cleared. But also clear he doesn't want to /doesn't feel able to do much. I did ask if had treated others like me, and he said not really... so there you have it.

I go see the ans endocrinologist in chicago on Friday. Lesson learned-- when in doubt, get out of dodge and find a competent doctor with experience. it's frustrating to have the condition no one knows waht to do about . I mean, how rare is this really? Luckily I have good insurance that let's me go pretty much where I want. Otherwise I think I'd be pounding my head against the wall.

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It's not that rare, I think, however, the study of autonomic issues in medicine is really in it's infancy. In medical school, docs are unlikely to get much training on our disorders.


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