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Guest tearose

No more nectar and no more goddess.

I am sitting here in layers and shivering. I am feeling nausea and my head is pounding. I went cold turkey.

What have I done to my body? I started drinking coffee to help and I became so unaware it could be hurting me.

I am hoping to see a difference but for now I feel terrible.

I have 10 lbs of dunkin' coffee to donate and pepsi max too. I am going to not eat chocolate either.

Anyone want some caffeine? Actually, now that I have learned about caffeine toxicity/ allergy, I don't want to even have it here in my home to serve to guests.

I am so praying that my memory and clarity and balance will return once I am through this. I was sure my pots was making me decline, but now that I feel so sickly, I think it was the toxic levels of caffeine and the byproducts that mess up every cell.

As I sit here, I am so hopeful again.


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I am so sorry you are going through that. Sometimes having coffee makes me nauseas. Maybe shivering is one of the "things" we do when we are having a bad reaction. This past week when I got cold, I have had a couple of episodes of shaking violently for several minutes until I could get warmed up. Not fun when you feel bad. Hope you get better really soon.


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