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New Symptoms-anyone Else Have This?


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I've been having severe abdominal pain. So severe that I nearly pass out. I went to ER and they did x-rays and can't find anything. (Abdominal migraine was mentioned as a possibility) I've had my gallbladder & appendix out already.

Last week I had a sinus infection with the headache becoming more migraine in nature. Now I am having what they are calling FOCAL SEIZURES. I lost track of time and couldn't complete a task like brushing my teeth....Id just zone out. The headache is better, but I had another "seizure" today. My Dr sent me to the ER for a CT scan of my head. The ER Dr said it showed a hypodensity but wouldn't (or couldn't?) explain what that meant. She just said they didn't know and I would be scheduled for an MRI by my Dr.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any idea what it is? All I could find on the internet is that it means a "less than normal" denisity and that it could be a tumor, bleed or result of a head injury.

Tomorrow and answers from my family Dr seems so long to wait!


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I'm so sorry to hear about these scary symptoms! From the reading I just did, it seems like a hypodense region is just as it sounds, an area of brain that appears less dense than the rest of your brain on your CT.

Density on a CT is just like density on a regular x-ray. On a regular x-ray, you see bright dense bones because they absorb more of the x-rays passing through than the darker low-density areas of fluid.

So just because there was a dark area on the scan doesn't mean there is necessarily something wrong. It just has to be explored further, which is probably why your Dr. couldn't tell you any specific answers.

I hope you will keep us updated on how your MRI goes-- good luck, hon.


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So far so good. :D The preliminary reading on the MRI came back okay. I won't know details until Wednesday at the earliest. But taking this all as a good sign so far. Still not sure what's causing the seizures or how I got the hypodensity (low density area or light spot in the brain) but maybe time will tell if not the next few drs appointments. :)

Any ideas on causes of focal absent seizures or hypodensity is welcome. Feel free to PM me. Thanks everyone. B)

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Hi! I'm glad things are good so far! I just wanted to let you know that as far as the abdominal pain, I've been there. Before I was diagnosed with POTS I almost ended up addicted to Vicodin trying to stop the pain; it didn't really help, we just didn't know what else to do. Now I use heat and know that it will pass and it's not anything too serious. I hope that your search for answers continues going well!


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