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Lost My Cat


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We lost our cat Amanda 2 days ago. She was 1 when we rescued her 3 years ago. She was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease right after, but had been well maintained on steroids, with only a couple of major, scary flares.

She went off her feed on Sunday and so we took her in on Tuesday. Her creatinine was 12! Normal is less than 1 in cats. 5 is considered as severe as it gets. They had never seen one that high, and ran it twice just to be sure.

So we have lost three kids in a year. We got Oreo and Abbie (pom poos) after Chloe and both seem healthy. Oreo was almost strangled on her collar while playing with Abbie (PLEASE use harness type collars on your pets, if this had not happened right next to me, she would be gone too, and it could have easily happened in the yard. I can't even begin to tell you how traumatic that was, trying to get them separated) They said she probably had less than a minute left and almost lost her eyesight. So the only healthy pets we have ever had, almost got killed by a collar!

Anyway, I will do anything for my babies, short of letting them suffer because I can't let go. Her life would have been constant trips to the vet, fluid bolus, special diets, tons of meds, pain, and she still would have had the same ending. He felt her prognosis was so poor, he didn't really want to put her through any of it. And neither did I.

I just want to say, for you cat lovers, by the time these kids have symptoms, they have typically lost over 70% of kidney function and it is usually irreversible. It is the second leading cause of death in cats and very hard to treat, even in the early stages. If your cat is seven, please screen them once a year. If they are compromised in any way, more often. I have no idea how long this baby was sick, because they hide it from you. Cats in renal failure pee MORE, not less and are very thirsty. Amanda did not show these signs, but they are the most common. Poor coat, and vomiting are also hallmarks.

Anyway, this year is getting off to another great start. And since you are "family" I just wanted to share my misery. I don't think that's what families do, but my real family isn't very interested in the grieving process of losing pets....sadmorgan

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I'm sorry sweetie... that's so sad. I know my Abby will join her not too far off :). Maybe they can be friends on the other side and keep each other clean and warm... Abby has been in and out of kidney failure for months and at 18, I know she can't hang on forever.

Try, if you can, to remember the sweet, and good times with your furry babies. I was just thinking of Jeri the other day and how cute she was when she would lie down with me at night on my head.


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