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Very Heavy Gravity--like The Ground Is Pulling Me Down---drop Attack Maybe?


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Well, I also have a cold and lack of sleep, but yesterday and today the gravity has been intense.

I say gravity, because it feels like when you have been in a deep pool, and get out too quickly-----like you weigh 1000 pounds. Just very intense, and like I'm going to collapse----like a drop attack. Not actually passing out, but just intense gravity and weakness. I also feel light headed, and feel like I'm fighting to not pass out.

We have a very happy occasion in our family----I have a new grand daughter, just yesterday. We were just at my son's for dinner Saturday night, and Sunday his fiance had the baby. They went in to the hospital at 4:00am, and our little one was born at 7:30. My husband and I watched Kaela who is the daughter of his fiance. She's three years old, and we are working hard to make sure she's doing OK with acccepting her new little sister ect. ect. Pretty stressful, but we are excited at the same time. It all happened so fast, and the day she was born, I was going on 2 hours of sleep, as little Kaela was picked up by my husband, and we had her for the last two days. She started a cold last noight, and I have one, but I think ours started at the same time.

Last night when we were leaving the hospital, I told my husband that he better take Kaela with him to the car, and pick me up at the main door. I had so much trouble just sitting up, and when I stood up, the floor felt like it was coming up at me, and I felt horrible. When the Car pulled up, I had to shuffle like a 90 year old out to the car. Today the same thing kept happening. Last night I got about 8 hours sleep though. We all ordered Pizza, as this was the closest place to eat near the hospital-------the hospital food is horrible. I got so sick---bloated, bathroom stops, ect. Then tremors---and still struggling with those. That's why I'm still up, because I feel soooooooo miserable. I'm so upset that I feel so bad, and can't embrace the joy of our new addition to the family.

I'm really struggling with all my health issues, and tonight-------more shuffling, as I feel the ground pull thing when I try to walk normally. I cried, and could barely talk to tell my husband the way I feel. My body and brain are tired, and I get tired of explaining myself. I'm just Glad he was off work yesterday and today, or I would have been sunk.

Please pray my cold doesn't turn into much, as I think this would put me over the edge. I can't handle another thing, and I would like to feel at least half as good so I can enjoy my new grand daughter.

Do any of you have this drop attack feeling?

Take Care,

Julie :0)

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I feel like that to varying degrees all the time. I think it is blood pooling. Being fatigued- as you are- most definitely makes it worse.

The excitement is stressful too- you know. You need to put your feet up and rest.


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I feel that way about 90% of the time anymore...I have no idea what causes it, but it takes out any peripheral senses I have and I am constantly injuring myself.

My two little dogs (I mean little about 7 pounds) have a tendency to jump on the back of my legs and hit in my knee area and I am going down almost every time now. It's getting pretty scary, but it's useless tell my doctor, so no explanation. I am guessing yours is sensory overload and fatigue?? morgan

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Yeah, I guess I kinda know what you mean. I remember more from when I was adjusting to meds. It made me feel SO heavy! It was all I could to stay upright. I have also felt it on those really crappy/exhausted days when all I want to do is lay down. My body doesn't want to do anything upright. I think it comes from all your body systems being out of wack and trying to regulate everything.

So, if you are stressed, tired, overwhelmed, etc. it make sense that your body is sending you the overwhelming signal to rest and lay down.

Hope you can get some rest and feel better! ;)

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Thanks for the replies!

This morning I woke up with high BP, and a fast heart rate despite my betablocker for my tachycardia. I also took klonopin for my tremors, but it did not work completely. I have a virus, and I'm sure this doesn't help. The back of my neck hurts worse then my usual, but this has been lke this. However, it seems all the worse when fighting a virus.

I went to see Bev in Dr. Grubb's office today, and she said my POTS is acting up----I'm in a CRASH basically. WE can't try the florinef until after my dental work, so there it sits in my drawer. I'm looking forward to trying it in the hopes that it will work.

The weakness is incredible--- :blink::rolleyes: The gravity issues are insane-----must be from the POTS acting up--- :rolleyes:

Today my son and his fiance took little Mackenzie Jane---I hope I spelled it right, but you get it..........

She is sooo cute-------her hair is golden, and she has tiny little blue eyes.

Maxine :0)

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Guest tearose

Yes, it sounds like what blood pooling does to me.

Take a look to see if your legs or arms are turning purple, grey or blue.

Can you increase leg compression?

Give your body time horizontally if you can granny.

best regards,


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That is what I feel like when my muscles are about to give out on me. I will fall if I don't lie down very soon. Sometimes I only have about a 5 second warning. Bed rest is the only thing that helps me.

That's exciting about your new granddaughter. Make sure to get your rest and keep your strength up as best you can so that you can visit that precious little baby. Enjoy her. :rolleyes:

Take care,


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Yup, I have this at times too, when I'm upright for too long or if I get under more stress than usual or just a lot of excitement can do it for me. AND virus' also do the same thing. When I've described what you call "drop attack" to my brother in law, that has fainted at times, he said that is exactly how he feels right before he faints (it's like our body gets in a prefaint like state for days instead), however, he feels well at all other times, so he's not sick like I am.... Are you a "fainter" or one of us that doesn't faint but feels like death most of the time? I hope you are feeling better soon :rolleyes:

- Tammy

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