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I Have Lost Feeling In Two Of My Toes


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I am very concerned as today I woke up and got out of bed , stood up and thought that I must have something stuck under my second and third toes on my left foot , because it felt just like that :blink:

I brushed my foot pulled a sock on and didnt think anymore about it .

Got dressed later on and then went out , still not noticing this strange thing . Came home and took my shoes and socks of .....started to walk bare foot again and thought ' hang on a minute, there is still something stuck to my toes' so got a mirror and lay on the floor ( as you do ) and got my hubby to hold the mirror over my foot so I could see what was going on and what did I see :huh: nothing ............just foot !

So there's hubby looking down at my foot from above me laying flat on my back on the floor with my leg in the foot to ceiling position , and me still wiggling it about , we must have looked rather strange , but never mind , needs must and all that .

I needle was brought into play next ................... ;) and hubby had me closing my eyes and then he stuck the needle 'lightly' in my foot and toes , with me going 'yes' ....'yes'...........'yes' everytime I felt it prick me ................and I never felt it go into the two toes at all ....not a thing .

Now this is rather concerning as I have very bad circulation as I have Raynard's , but I have always kept my feet well , un-cracked , clean , soft and warm .................so why now have two of my toes taken a vacation from my brain.............very worrying .

If any of you have this or anything like it on hands or feet , then please let me know , I also get numb hands at times especially when I lay down at night but other than this nothing else really strange , unless you take me as a whole then I'm just utterly strange and weird from head to foot !

Ami ....................8 happy toes and 2 not talking to me !

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I've got this in my middle toe on both feet, i've had it for about 2 weeks now, i can't feel them & they've turned bluey colour, even when i have a warm bath or put them on a hot water bottle they're staying blue. i was thinking about seeing my doctor about it.

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Thanks for your replies.

First of all no I haven't got my feet cold at night , I really do take very good care of them , I have no dry bits, marks sore bits at all in fact they look like the feet of a 25 year old , all smooth and soft ( according to my doctor that is )

I went to see my GP today , I had to seethe stand in one of my own very special doctor has been ill herself and in hospital ;) a bit better now , but still having to rest ...........anyhow he was quite worried having seen my toes and as I explained about first one toe then the other and its been for now almost four days solid .

My doc is sending me for blood tests as he has said it is one of three things ;

1: The first stages of Diabetes...............both my mum and dad had this and so far I've escaped it .

2: My raynaud's has increased and I have now f=done permanent nerve damage to my toes, they where cold when he felt them , but pink . he has advised me to buy some new ankle boots and thinker socks , I do wear small ankle boots all the time from September to May and sometimes even after this , but he has said this may be the reason , if they s=do not come back in three weeks time and the blood tests come back as OK then its a Raynaud's problem and I will have to be seen by a specialist again.

or 3: that I have some nerve damage from Raynaud's because I didnt replace my shoes as I normal do each November and that it will just clear up in the next 16-17 days .

So it isn't just something NO to worry about .............I do not want sugar diabetes thank you , or to loose my toes to Raynaud's so its wait and see for the next few days .........I'll come back if anything happens in the next two weeks or so .

AMI xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Goodness! That sounds awful! I hope it goes well for you and you find some answers.

Is it only those toes? Did they check overall neuro status, to make sure it isn't a problem at the spine etc.? Could it be "just" neuropathy?

I know I have a big decrease in my feeling in my feet. I can't feel the nail polish on my skin when I paint them, among other things I can't feel. It is a progression of the neuropathy.

Good luck!

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This is quite a common complaint in people without POTS. First of all, don't panic. Secondly, do you have numbness/pain/burning sensation in your other foot? It's true that diabetes is the number one cause of peripheral neuropathy in developed countries, but it presents in BOTH feet, not only on one side.

Here are more viable diagnoses based on your description:

1. Local nerve damage - i.e. a branch of the nerve that supplies sensations to that part of the foot is locally damaged. Why would that be? Well, the common common cause is from wearing an uncomfortable pair of shoes and causing constant pressure or irritation of that portion of the nerve.

2. Do you have weakness in any part of that foot - i.e. are some of the muscles of the foot weak? You may not be able to assess that yourself, but a neurologist should be able to observe if this is indeed the case. This would signify a type of neuropathy involving the nerve that passes at the knee - called peroneal neuropathy. By the way, have you hit your knee recently?

3. Do you have back pain on that side? Is there a shooting or electrical type of pain that goes from your back down to that leg? This would indicate a problem with one of the lumbar disks of the spine and result in radiculopathy, like sciatica.

One of these 3 possibilities above is likely responsible for your loss of sensation in the 2 toes. I recommend you see a neurologist, who will be able to evaluate your problem directly and come up with a treatment plan for you. Good luck!

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Oh Dear, Miss Willows-

I had something similiar in one finger a few years ago. Throughout the course of the day, I slowly lost feeling in it, the middle finger, from the middle knuckle up. It was annoying. I kept on shaking it to wake it up. When I finally looked down for a visual examination, I got the surprise of my life- it was deep purple, almost black. I went to a non-emergency clinic & was promptly sent to the ER. I ended up in the hospital for almost a week. The ER doc was convinced that my heart had thrown a blood clot. I was put on IV coumadin & they ran many tests. As usual, everything was fine. No explanation...just another weird phenomenon. The vascular sureon had me take plavix for a month just to be sure. Like you, I have Reynauds. It almost felt as if it was a more severe spasm than usual & a nerve was pinched, causing me to lose feeling. Throughout that winter, everytime I got cold, that knuckle turned black and I sometimes lost feeling in it...Weird. I now take 81 mg of aspirin daily and it hasn't happened in a long time.

I realize that your toes are pink, but keep on eye on them. They may progress to color changes- hopefully not. I pray that DoctorGuest is right and this is nothing serious. Please be sure to keep us posted.


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Hello again from the old crock here in the West country :P

Thank you for your replies and here are the answers to the 'Guests questions:

Paragraph one :

Question one: A 'girl' of my age never really panics !

Question two: I have pain and burning in the heels of both feet as I have now managed to acquire ( unwillingly ) those dam heel spikes , ouch ! the sharp pain drives me mad and the throbbing if ............ha, ha I attempt to walk to far .

Paragraph two:

Question one: I am about to replace my ankle boots which are some 13 months old for a brand new pair of this type of shoe/boot , my doctor did suggest I do this ASAP and also buy myself some new walking ( heavy thick ) socks. I might add that my boots and socks are in immaculate condition and I never wear socks or shoes that are to tight , worn out of past thier prim ..............just like me :lol::(:lol:

Question two: I did have my muscles tested in 2004 and they checked out OK , but I have broken my ankle twice on this side and do have ankles that give way along with my knees, they like to do this when I'm coming downstairs :(

Question three: I have had chronic hip and low back pain for around 8 years now , its worst when I lay down at night either on my back flat or sometimes if I'm on my side for more than an hour at a time . I have had slipped discs in the past ( 4 ) but had these sorted by a famous Doctor called something like Sirri-axe ?? Cirri-axe in the 1980's and very , very occasionally I get a shooting leg pains. Trouble is I get leg pains 24/7 which seem to come when I walk to much , er this being more than about 30 -45 mins IF I'm very lucky.

Macks Mum: I have to take aspirin each day as the veins in my fingers , hands and I have had even my tongue will suddenly burst for no reason , this is very painful indeed and rather alarming . I have had the whole of my middle finger go black and stiff so full of blood that it increases to twice its size before I could stop it ( ice is the best way I've found + pressure on the point of explosion ) so dont worry I already have this being checked daily ............hubby with my foot almost pressed on his nose for inspection .!

Thank you for your replies guys, its nice to know , in a strange way its sort of comforting to hear that others are having bits 'dropping off ..........exploding .............or just giving out and going thier own way ' like me, not that I'd wish anyone to suffer the things that we are all suffering each and every day :o (except for my ex husband, shhhhhhh :) and even a couple of pig headed know it all consultants at the local hospital )

Ami ........... frozen two toes of the South West !!!! :lol::lol:

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I have bad disks from L3-S1 (bottom three discs) that cause intermittent numbness in my feet. I have had stretches where the top of my foot is numb for a while, and gets worse if I sit too long. It gets better if I limit extended sitting. In fact, I can usually tell which disc is the culprit from where I'm numb. L5-S1 gives me numbness in my outer toes/ball of foot. At one point it was like a bee sting on the sole of my foot. L4-L5-- big toes, top of foot. L3-L4 feels like sunburn on the top of my thighs. For me it's totally sitting related and I've had mri-s showing the naughty discs.

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