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Nerve Pain


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I know some of you have nerve pain. How many? And what kind? Mine had been pretty much my hands, and some feet. Now the hands have gotten somewhat worse and I have a lot of pain in my arms. I especially for a few days now have had a lot of ulnar nerve pain at the elbows and radiating down. It has been getting even more frustrating. I even just increased my Neurontin dose. I did look back at old posts and it looked like many were on high doses of Neurontin. Does it take a high dose to help you? I am only on 300 mg now. But, I am also on another anti-epileptic as well.

The cold makes everything worse. It just is quite painful at times. Migraines have increased too! What works for you?


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I have nerve pain. I have autonomic dysfunction, small fiber neuropathy, and inguinal complex regional pain syndrome, type II. I have tried several medications including Neuronton and Lyricia and did not have favorable results with either. I am currently taking Topamax, Wellbutrin XL, and Atenolol; I have finally gotten some relief. On bad days when my pain level is high I also take Ultram. The nice thing about the Topamax is that is has helped with my migranes too.

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Guest tearose

I too have a history of various nerve pains. I have had them brutally in my left side of face "trigeminal neuritis" and now and ususlly, in my hands and left arm and left leg, sometimes feet. It is always worse in the cold. It is horrible when I must go from ANY change of temperature that is extreme like summer air conditioning to outside heat or winter cold to indoor warm or even shopping in the supermarket going from warm deli aisle to cold foods. It is always worse on my hands and left arm.

I have not yet confirmed but suspect raynaud's. I think that what was just "poor circulation" for all my life, has been me living with undx raynaud's. I did survive second degree burns on my hands and legs years ago and had a mini-stay in the Cornell Burn Unit. I just assumed it was from that. I actually hope to have this resolved very soon so I know what I am dealing with.

Do you have a dx of Raynaud's? Have you ever had any vasospasms or nerve pain anywhere else?

The only help I may offer, if you think warming your torso would help, is to treat yourself to a battery operated heating vest. It has made a major difference in lowering my pain due to the cold and increasing my activity level recently.

best regards,


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I'm on 600 mg of neurontin 3x a day (1800 mg total).

My nerve pain consists of shooting pains in my shoulder, chest, upper back, jaw, biceps and triceps, and down my legs. I also have pains in my fingertips, as well as itching, burning and stinging sensations in hands and feet.


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I have burning, tingling, and itching in my feet. Lyrica helped the symptoms a LOT, but I had to discontinue the med because of side effects. The burning is the most bothersome at night, so I sleep with my feet out from under the covers. Sometimes I've had to use ice packs to keep my feet cool enough so that I can sleep. I did that for a year straight, then the burning went away for the most part, but now it's back. I've never tried Neurontin, though I may give it a try in the near future if the pain continues.

As for migraines, I don't know. I'm still working on that one. I'm trying to figure out my triggers are and what helps me. Ibuprofen helps a little with the pain, but mostly rest, quiet, dark, and time help.

I hope you can find some help for the pain.


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