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Please write your State Politicians

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I have enclosed a website so that everyone can find their senators and other politicians according to their state. Please write and encourage them to help in our behalf.




http://www.nga.org/governors/1,1169,C_SEAR...RCH_GOV,00.html (you can search for your Governor on this site but email might not be available.)



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I was doing some research on this subject and came up with this recommendation

Writing a letter or making a phone call are two of the most powerful actions you can take for pursuading a politician to take the action you want taken. Writing a letter is the most powerful.

Politicians aren't always responsive but, if you want them to do something, you've got to communicate your desires to them. It's related to "you have a better chance of getting a "yes" if you ask the question. If you write a letter, it will be noticed. If several people write about one issue, politicians pay attention. If a lot of people write about one question, politicians pay a lot of attention. Writing a letter is one of the most effective actions you can take, even more than calling on the 'phone and way more than sending an email. When did you last write?

It's easy! In most cases a short letter, making one clear point, is best; please see "Dear Legislator" and "Writing a great letter to the editor" below. Who should you write to? That depends on the issue and who can do something about it. Choose your target because you believe there is a good chance of your efforts making a difference. In addition, a letter to the editor of the local newspaper is always helpful. Even if you're not a good writer, your letter notifies the editors about a public concern. If a newspaper or radio station gets several letters on one topic, you are likely to see yours in print of hear it discussed on the air.

Always include your mailing address and telephone number in every communication (even electronic ones). Legislators use this information to verity that you are a constituent; newspapers may use it to verify a letter's authenticity.

My thoughts about all of this is, we should all write letters to each others politicians OR come up with a letter for each person and send to EVERY politician :)

What do you guys think?

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