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Ep Study Done


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Hi all, out of my ep study and home resting. just wanted to let you all know that they found a focal arial tachycardia at 250 BPM and ablated it! woohoo! still didnt rid me of my sinus tach at 200 BPM (POTS) as i was in it after the study and every time i stood up from then on after in the hospital..........i also was throwing out a lot of ectopy and my EP couldnt stimulate the V-tach so they are going to watch me further with this.....but the ablation was a success in that they caught the a-tach in the right atrium and ablated!

so there it is!

happy new year!

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Yay!!! Hope the ablation relieves the tachy for you!!


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I had seen before where ablation can be bad for POTS? Can you explain the short version of what an ablation is and why it is done? I am really not very familar.

I hope yours works out well for you! I am glad it sounds like you are getting somewhere with your treatment!

Good Luck!!!

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Hi ajw4055,

Ablation basically is a type of cardiac catheterization procedure where catheters are inserted into the heart and abnormal conductive tissue is ablated (cauterized/burned) so the rhythm can no longer occur.

In my particular case, I have a few things going on. I have a SINUS tachycardia due to POTS and also had a PSVT (specifically an atrial tachycardia). I didnt have my sinus node ablated, but had an atrial tachycardia ablated (abnormal tissue in the atria.

PSVT's is not a POTS rhythm. SINUS TACHYCARDIA IS a pots rhythm. PSVT's are very different from sinus tachycardia (thus POTS and/or IST) in that the mechanism of action AND cause is very different.

PSVT's are mainly caused from tissue/cells that have abnormal conducting capabilities that occur outside the normal electrical/conductive pathways of the heart. the sinus node is the pacemaker of the heart and IS part of the normal electrical conductive pathway of the heart, thus, a sinus tachycardia is a variant of normal because the rhythm is originating from within the normal electrical pathway of the heart.

Sinus tachycardia causes, unlike PSVTs which occur from abnormal conductive tissue/extra electrical pathways/etc) is triggered from many things -- fever, anxiety, medications, caffeine, autonomic dysfunction, exercise). A PSVT (such as an atrial tachycardia like what I had) arises from outside the normal electrical pathway of the heart so ablating this does not cause disruption of any autonomic innervation (thus cant make pots worse).

Ablating a PSVT in someone who also has POTS (sinus tachycardia) does not make a pots patient worse because you are not disrupting the sinus node with a PSVT ablation (with the exception of an SA nodal reentrant type tachycardia). the sinus node with pots presents a sinus tachycardia and the sinus tachycardia is somewhat of a "defense" mechanism for various things, but mainly to prevent blood pressure from plummeting out (a compensation method of the heart beating faster to preserve perfusion or blood flow to the brain - to keep you from passing out). so those who have had sinus node modification/ablation who have autonomic dysfunction run into problems because the ablation takes away this compensatory action of the heart to preserve blood pressure - and then they drop their pressure, having higher incident of dizzy spells, passing out, etc. with PSVT ablation, you eliminate or destroy abnormal conducting tissue and do not effect autonomic innervation.

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angela -

i hope you're feeling better as your body bounces back from it's little jolt of sorts. while i realize this isn't a fix-all by any means, i do hope & pray that it will resolve at least some issues/ symptoms for you, even if just a bit (though of course more would be great!!)

and kudos on your persistant determination to get the care & attention you needed & deserved despite being dismissed on more than one occasion. (i've thought that on more than one occasion but not sure if i've ever chimed in to tell you that...i do a lot more reading than replying on the board these days!)

:( melissa

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