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Tired And Fed Up


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We're still on the road, trying to get home to Illinois. I'm just so worn out, physically and mentally from this big flare. Sorry to vent. But it's really so frustrating to have such a struggle to stay upright, to not flip out when I feel like I'm going to faint or am breathless, and to feel like my medical folks are non-responsive. I've really had it. And so has my spouse. He wants it "fixed." I have an appointment with Jannice Gilden in Chicago on 1/22. I hope she can help. I have to go back to teaching, including night classes before then, and have no idea how I'll do that. Some sort of switch has been flipped in my body, and I can't unswitch it. Thanks you guys for reading.


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Sometimes it's day by day, and sometimes minute by minute. I am so sorry other people have to feel exactly like me. Oh for that elusive magic pill waiting out there for us.....

I'm sure this is not the way any of us want to envision our new year. Hang on sweetie, it does get better...and sometimes bad. Good luck with the doctor! morgan

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Michele, I am sorry to hear about your troubles I wish that I had an answer for you, but I do not :)

The only consolation that I can offer is that I am going through the very same thing that you. For the past nine months my body has not been tolerating my meds and I have not been able to gain any strength or endurance, it is unbelievably frustrating. I too, have to tell myself that this to will pass and it is comforting to hear that other people have experienced it and have experienced it getting better.

Have you thought about trying new or re-trying medication that you have already taken? That is what I am in the procress of and hopefully will have some success with my next attempt mid-january.

I guess right now all you can do is take it day by day and do the best that you can, praying for strength and enjoying simple things. I have found that I like to listen to audiobooks to pass time

Until you are feeling better (((Hugs))))


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Guest tearose

Hi Michelle, I hope that you are now home or soon will be.

I am so sorry you are having such a bad spell.

I too have been unable to come back to a steady balance for months now. It is very difficult to have to RE learn and RE discover what will help. I just want to echo that you are not alone and you have to hang in there. This is one of those relapsing stages for you but you most probably...will turn it around! The frustration is normal. YOU are normal...for the condition you have.

I think you are on the right track by venting and by trying all new switches to flip.

Sending you healing wishes,

best regards,


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