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B12 And Folate Deficiency


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am i understanding the research right? is both an indecate of the megolblastic form? i have read several times, but dys brain sometimes i still don't get it.

when they called me about B12 prob they neglected to tell me there was a folate prob, also. i now have to take folgard on top of B12 shots. i am concerned about it,cuz of the neglect to tell me b4 or when they first called.

i am also concerned cuz if i do understand all info i have read, coupled with the bone pain since the start of B12. i could be looking at a serious prob. the B12 level was borderline, but folate was low.

i have been showing on blood tests for over 10yrs large red blood cells with MCV and MCH were low. this shows the aenmia all this time,but never caught.( i know yall are shocked).

so my concern with coupling of everything i am a little nervous. should i be pressing this issue a ittle more?

i know they ruled out sclerderma and sprue ana and a few other things.

should i not worry and wait to see if supplementation is going to work? i see rhuemy again in three months.

could it totally make pots better?

does this mean that the nuero damage in my leg is permanent? that what i think i understood, since it has not been addressed for so many years?

i am probably worrying about nothing. she judt said it is a form of anemia, not what kind.

i am freakin a little.

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Megaloblastic anaemia simply means a form of anaemia where the blood cells are abnormally large (the MCV and MCH are normally high).

There are lots of causes of megaloblastic anamia, one of the most common is deficiency of either B12, folate or both B12 and folate. The most common cause of B12 and folate deficiency is dietry insufficiency or malabsorption in the gut. The main dietry source of B12 is meat, milk and eggs so vegans often need supplements. B12 is usually given as injections because if you are not correctly absorbing B12 from the gut then there is little point giving a B12 tablet that you also won't absorb!

It doesn't automatically mean that there is something seriously wrong with you - be guided by your doctor and see if they advise any other tests.


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I just wanted to add that B12 deficiency is also called pernicious anemia, a type of megloblastic anemia. Which can result in peripheral neuropathy, which may have been what you are refering to with your leg. If it is caught and treated you can stop the progression of the neuropathy and I believe that you can also later possibly slowly fix the damage that had been done. (I am not 100%, b/c I am not a dr.)

Also, B12 and folate together are needed for absorbtion of each other, so originally they may have been looking to see more of who was the culprit (causing the problem), and which one was the side effect or both. But, what is important is to know what the blood tests say, do they indicate both deficiencies? And then the treatment the dr. thinks is appropriate. I would think some type of B12 supplementation may be necessary. As far as the folate make sure before taking that it is what the dr. suggests. It may not be needed if the B12 is straightened out (I am not positive on, but MAY).

Also, B12 has something to do with the absorbtion of calcium I think... does that have something to do with the bone pain?

Good luck!!! :rolleyes:

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blood tests indicated both deficiancy's. B12 and folate. and yes, ajw, that is exactly what i am reffering to my leg. nueropathy is something iknow is going on. but they won't say that for sure. i had a 5min leg cramp last night that is making today a ruff day for me.

this is what i am worried about i have been showing this for over 10yrs. with no proper treament, so is this damage permanant. cuz that's what i am reading.

they are not telling me if it is pernicious or anything, just that it is anemia. i think iwill call dys doc tommorrow and find out the truth. he usually will tell me. i just think someone should tell me a little better explanation then hey your B12 and oh by the way you are folate defficant also.

thanks for the help.

oh yeah and another bone scan is in order. i am not sure why as they didn't pay any attention the dark spots(which indicate lack of blood flow) on the last one. guess where the lack of blood flow showed up?!

if you said in the middle of the back you are correct.

if u said in the legs u r correct.

if u said in the joints u r correct.

the bright spots were in the leg (left side) but were spread out diffusely throughout calf. unremarkable.LOL

just think they weren't looking for dark spots only white and then it was so diffuse in the calf it was hard to differentiate. my calf was shining in the film.

they also told me i wasn't swollen at the time. i wish u all could see the film, i am so obviously swolllen to tell me i wasn't was nothing more than a bold face lie.

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