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Got Celiac Test Results today...


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I was tested last week for Gluten Sensitivity/Celiac Disease, and today I got the results. I just had the blood test done (not up for anything more invasive!!) and the GI doc said that the test for Celiac came back negative, but there is a weak positive for the non-specific portion of the test. Does anyone know what this means? He suggested if I want more answers I should have a small bowel biopsy done, but I am not going for ANYTHING invasive right now. I am trying to avoid medical procedures at all costs, lol :(

I would just assume at this point that I have a mild gluten intolerance, which would explain why I get bloated, fatigued, and have bowel issues every time I eat too much pasta, bread, waffles, anything like that. Thanks to Nina's past recommendation I found some yummy rice pasta and also went to the health food store and got a bunch of other gluten free foods, so we'll see how I do. . .

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I would say if you found improvement in your symptoms by changing your diet, you have your answer right there, without being invasive.

I won't even think about doing anything invasive unless it is close to being life or death. I have endometriosis and adhesions and I do suffer from it, but relief from laparoscopy is questionable and I won't do it unless things get unbearable for me!!! The effects of the surgery would be too much for me right now!!!

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