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Thanks To All


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Hi everyone,

It's been a long time since I posted or read posts, but finals are over now and I have something on my mind to say here.

I just wanted to thank everyone for coming and sharing and helping each other. This forum has helped me cope with the disease in practical terms. It's not just the practical tips though, and the general feeling that I'm not alone. It's how we discuss the emotional factors involved in living with dysautonomia....the process has a strong effect, a positive one.

I recently had a major episode in public, which used to really affect me emotionally because I felt so embarassed by it...but thanks to some discussions we had here in dinet, I was really OK with it. I remembered some of the things people said, like how everyone who sees the fainting just wants to help, and it's so nice that people are just genuinely concerned, so why should it be embarassing... It didn't convince me at the time I read it, but it really helped me in the moment when I was coming back to consciousness and looking at about six people staring at me. Usually, this kind of thing would stick with me, and I would avoid going out, avoid people, etc. This time, I just felt normal. Even the next day, it didn't bother me; I didn't even think about it much. I'm just glad that people are so nice.

Thanks again.


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I am glad that this time it worked out better! It is good to be able to not let all of this overly affect us, and to realize that it is what it is. But it makes us stronger. I am glad you were able to find support and help to get you through it!

I can only hope that I can always deal with it that well!!!

I too am glad for all the support here! ;)

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