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I've read on various websites, including Dr. Andrew Weil's website, that magnesium is a helpful supplement for people with POTS. But I don't understand how that can be. Magnesium dilates blood vessels. That's why it's effective against migraines. So how can it help people with POTS? Isn't the goal to constrict the blood vessels if you have POTS?

I'm interested in hearing about anyone's experience with magnesium supplements, and any explanations (in english, not medical-ese) about why it would help. Thanks!!!


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Guest tearose

I use a once a day dose to help me retain more potassium.

I felt better within the first week of starting it...two years ago. I don't get the type of chest pains I use to get. I tend to have tons of SVT and was so low in potassium until I began supplementing the magnesium.


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