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I Need Opinions

Mrs. Burschman

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Tell me if you think my feelings are reasonable:

My husband is THRILLED with his new job, and I'm happy for him. But I'm struggling. I'm still stuck back at the workplace we both hated. I'm still working nights while he's working days. Most days, we only see each other an hour, at most, where we used to be together almost constantly. If I don't find a new job soon, I'll be working Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year's while he's off. We don't have any days off together.

I had two job interviews this week, but I won't hear back for a week or so, at least.

I guess I feel like he's moved on to a new life with new friends and a new schedule and left me behind. Not on purpose, and I'm glad he has. I just want to move on, too! Desperately!

The problem is, because I was saddled with psych diagnoses for so long, any time I feel a little down about stuff, I think something's wrong with me. Like any negative feelings at all are a sign that I'm mentally ill.

So tell me this: If you were in my position, do you think you'd feel a little bummed also?


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if i were in your place i would feel sooooo happy for my husband, but soooooo unhappy myself. not having pity for myself, but i would feel left alone as well. i think you're on the right track trying to find yourself a new job. i hope that when you succeed (as you see, this is a when and not an if) i hope the two of you will be able to enjoy a lot more time together.

don't be afraid, this has nothing to do with any psych diagnoses, just a natural feeling in an unhappy job!!

take care,

corina :lol:

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Hi Amy,

What you're feeling sounds very normal. If I had to work nights and my husband had to work days, I would be bummed too. As it is I already miss my husband and he only works part-time and I can't work at all!!! It is hard to be away from your husband so much. You must miss him a lot.

I hope you find a new job soon. Hang in there.


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Bummed, yep, sounds appropriate to me.

Lonely, too.

Of course, you want to be with your hubby.

Of course you are a little jealous he got out of the bad workplace and you are still there.

Of course you are happy for him, but left behind - briefly!

You are going to find the right thing for you and then you'll be reunited with hubby and all will be well.

These are PERFECTLY NORMAL feelings and emotions.


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