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Wierd Symptoms At Night(dizzyness, Breathless, Near Loss Of Consciousness)


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lol me again last night iwas horrible...im having these odd symptoms that are hard to explain....wierd feeling in the head middle to back near the base...almost like slowly loosing consciousness....folled by a woozy dizzy feeling in the head.....feeling like my breathing is ceasing then it starts again while im awake still! extreme tachy upon waking / at night it slows down the tachy....low body temp 97.1 fluctuates through that range somtime 96.9! wierdneness...i think i had an out of body experience last night :) omg scary it was after those wierd head feelings i finally fell asleep or did i lol? i was going throughout the house to get my dad upstairs liek i was really doing it...i felt there was an evel presence following me..then i woke up with tingling energy sensations on my kneck and left upper chest to shoulder....FYI my house is haunted i believe and i knew this years before the dysautomia....other people have had experiences here as well

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Yeah, sounds odd. Do you think it is a migraine? Or do you have sleep apnea? Have you changed anything recently that could affect all of this at once? Like meds etc? Do you feel like you were having hallucinations? If so you may want to discuss this with a dr.

Maybe once you lay down you get less oxygen to your brain, and you get dizzy and have other weird sensations due to your body struggling to get oxygen? It can be harder for some people to breathe laying down.

Hope you figure it out and good luck!

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I've had this before, but now in the middle of my ncs flare it's bad. Falling asleep last night was creepy-- every time I"d start to nod off, my throat and chest would tighten, and I'd wake up because I couldn't breathe.

This is my current theory-- breathlessness/chest pain in one of my symptoms when my bp drops when I'm awake. When I'm awake, it almost always improves if I put my head down or feet up. I'm guessing that when I fall asleep, my bp also drops, but might also drop too much/too fast, and so even though I'm lying down, I'm not getting enough bp to breathe easily. Luckily, I guess my body is smart enough to still wake me up (but not so smart to keep the bp up). For me not being able to breathe is a key symptom of lowbp.

This went on last night for several hours. I got up to consume salt and fluids and then tried to stack as many pillows as I could to have my feet/legs above my heart. I'd previously had my head propped up a bit because that helps with headaches, but put my head totally flat, so gravity was minimal. I guess I'm still here, though quite underslept.

My husband and I thought about going to the ER, but other than monitor me, I wasn't sure what they would do. And I"m sure it would not have resulted in more sleep. I'm tempted to call my doc-- but what would he do? I clearly need to get the bp stabilized. He still hasn't called in the midodrine, not that that would be for night time. And now I"m swinging low and high--when I took my bp after wakening with a breathless start, it was up again at 140/90. Who knows what it was as I was actually drifting off. But I do appear to still be here... Shall I continue to assume that my body will wake me up if my bp is too low and I can't breathe?

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