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Good News----kidney Function Is Ok


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Good news! The chart they use is a standered chart for glomular filtration reading, and it goes by gender, age, GFR, and creatinine. Both Bun and creatinine were normal, and the intern that was with him today calculated all the figures, and my kidney function is excellant---- :)

My brother in law is a urologist, but he went by the chart I gave him, and I did not give him the Bun level. I'll e-mail him and let him know everything is OK. According to the charts, with my age at 48, gender, GFR reading of 81, and creatinine of 0.8 my kidney function is stage 2 kidney disease. But the doctor figured in my weight, and the bun reading, and said my kidney level function is very good. Here is the chart again:


I'm glad my kidneys are good. I don't want that on top of my other problems.

Nice to have some GOOD NEWS--- :angry: I'm hoping the lesions on my brain are nothing, and I have the same out come---GOOD NEWS-------- We will see when I have the VEP---visual evoked potentials... I'm not doing an LP, unless they send me to an MS specialist who highly suspects MS.

Maxine :0)

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I forgot to add that I asked my doc about those elevated IGA levels, and my Doc took another look at the rusults of 478---with normal being 418, and he ordered another blood test for January.

He put a diagnosis of elevated IGA, and also listed ?? gammopathy.

Here's a link on Gammopathy http://www.wrongdiagnosis.com/medical/gammopathy.htm

I'm glad I asked. Don't for get to advocate for yourselves----ASK QUESTIONS-- :)

Maxine :0)

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Good news about your kidneys, but what the heck is IGA levels?

I had an appointment with Dr. Grubb today. I met some very nice girls. One from here, lalalisa (pretty girl), one was a child (she goes to the dynakids website), she thinks she got her POTS from a chinese restaurant ;) , one from Maine (originally from Russia), and I can't remember the other one's name.

I thought I got my POTS from a PPT hair treatment. It's a protein treatment by Redken. I had these done before, but what was different about this time is my scalp felt like it was on fire. I should have said something, and told her to rinse it off as soon as I felt this, but I let it stay on 10 minutes. She rinsed it out, combed my hair, and I went home with my hair wet like I usually do. After my hair dried I noticed my hair was dry, which I thought was weird cause it usually makes my hair soft and healthy, and that same night I got a severe headache, I thought maybe that stuff leaked into my brain, whatever she put on my head, by the next morning I was in the ER, extremely sick, and diagnosed with POTS soon after. Since then I have asked her if a PPT should burn your scalp, and she said no. She said they don't even do them any more casue they discontinued them, but she did say they had some old stuff in the back. Maybe they put protein in my hair that was outdated. Maybe something grew in the stuff, or maybe I am just being paranoid.

But like that child, I blamed it on the last thing I remember before I got really sick.

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Thanks girls!

NorthernDarlene, I have also been exposed to die right around the same time I crashed with POTS. It was actually ink solvents, ink toxins, and other chemicals where I worked. Although I worked in the office, the fumes came through the ventilation system. The chemicals were so strong, that if I left crackers in my desk, you could taste the chemicals----they tasted like lighter fluid--- :blink: . Then if I took a bite not realizing it, I would burp the chemical flavor---- :o

I'm not real happy about the exposure, but I have given up on doing anything about it, as large companies like that have a pack of pit bull lawyers working for them. If I would have tried to pursue something, it would have cost a ton of money.

I don't know if you remember me talking about the high lead levels of 35 in my urine in 2001, just after I crashed with POTS. Well I have been tested for it again in my blood, and there is nothing. As a matter of fact a lead panel was just done by my PCP, and it was clear. So no proof of chemical exposure--- ;)

I think that company needs to be shut down. Well, at least that plant location. In Aug 1990 they were fined by the EPA for polluting the sewer system, and exposing the neighborhood behind the building to strong chemical fumes. They were ordered to launder any shop towels with toxins on them in the Cleveland facility. I did crash with milder POTS symptoms that August which is when they were busted by the EPA. I felt bad for about 3 months, and my heart was affected, and had to stay on beta blockers for tachycardia from that point on. However, the other symptoms got better when the fumes left. I was fine until late 2000/2001, and this is when I crashed. I have not been the same since. They were sneaking the towels through again, I could smell the fumes early in the morning when I came to work.

In fact, my husband used to work at the postal station which is almost next door to the plant, and he could still smell the fumes in 2007---this year----and this is outside!!! :blink::blink:

Maxine :0)

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