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Anemia Question About Mine


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My hemoglobin and Hematocrit is always low when tested. I went back to my PCP to ask him if I could raise this to normal, would it help my orthostatic intolerance. I really did not get an answer. This week when tested, My hemoglobin is 13.4 and my PCV is 40. My iron profile was normal. the iron in blood was 86 the iron binding capacity was 378, the iron saturation was 23, the ferritin is 79. The erythropoiten level has not come back yet. I am unhappy with my Primary care doctor. he is not an attending doctor. He is still a resident. Whenever I ask him a question, he never gives me a direct answer. My question is --- With my iron test showing normal, should I try taking an iron supplement to raise my hemoglobin and PCV levels? What about B12 and folic acid supplements. I asked my doctor to check my B12 and folic acid levels. He said that the blood tests came back normal. However, when I got a copy of my records, he had only checked my iron levels, there was no blood work done for B12 or folic acid. I have not had a chance to question him about his yet. He is a complete stooge. Sorry if I sound like I have a lot of venom. It is just I am really frustrated with this doctor. I researched the matter on the internet. It seems like it might be dangerous to take iron supplements with a normal iron level. My doctor gave me no advise on what to do other than, "iron supplements could be dangerous". He gave no advise at all on how to raise the hemoglobin and PCV levels.


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Guest tearose

When we are having trouble communicating with our doctor it is extremely frustrating!

It sounds like you and the doc are not talking it all out as much as you need.

First, I would suggest you try calling and have the follow up conversation that may be able to help.

I too have wondered why my pcp may not have ordered a test or may have suggested something I had not thought about and I try to get more information from him. It is not easy to think while they are speaking and we are 'allowed" to leave and have to follow up and ask more questions.

Give the doctor a little leeway to answer things you may not have considered. Iron suppplements may not in fact help you. Maybe you need further blood studies? Maybe it is not a problem he can address? I say this because I happen to always have lower hemoglobin and hematocrit levels because by red blood cells are not round but oval shaped!!! I found this out by doing a special test at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital with a hemotologist...hmm, Dr. Erslev and that was back in 1983. ( I inherited a very mild kind of Mediterranean anemia)

If anything, folic acid in small regular doses would be helpful to me.

Just keep pressing your doctor and tell him you are looking for the best answers before you decide to take a supplement.

I always respect and support a person who wants a better quality of health so go for it with knowledge and hopefully, a good doctor on your team!

best regards,


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