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Celexa Side Effects


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I know this has probably been asked before. I was just switched from Lexapro to celexa, and I am not feeling well at all. The side effects are scary. I don't feel right. I am sick to my stomach. I have this burning sensation in my upper body. I have diarrhea. My bp is from 102/55 to 140/97 and my pulse is from 65 to 97. I just took an extra beta blocker a minute ago.

I went to the Dr. This morning, and told her Celexa isn't working out for me. She's going to call US Script and tell them my diagnosis, and why I need Lexapro, and see if she can't get a prior authorization. Until then, she gave me samples.

Has anyone else expienced these weird symptoms on celexa?

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So sorry you re feeling bad.

Neither celexa nor lexapro worked for me.

I didn't have side effect necessarily, I just didn't have any improvement in my symptoms.

I hope you can get this sorted out soon and start to feel better.


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I can't say why it happened to me, but ever since I have gotten this dysautonomia I can't handle any ssri. I used to take Zoloft no problem - not it makes my breathing worse. Lexapro, Celexa and Effexor (snri) had weird effects too. I'm glad that you can handle Lexapro and hope you can start getting it.

Have you stopped the celexa?

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I just stopped the celexa today, and started the lexapro back today. I am never switching ssri's again, I get so sick everytime I do. I had a very bad spell this morning, blood pressure and heart rate went up, had this burning sensation in the top half of my body, I felt really weird. I went to my Moms house during this episode. I'm home now, but I haven't done anything all day. Very nauseated.

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while the drugs are closely related they're obviously not identical so i'm wondering if you could have been experiencing a withdrawal effect. having incurred that once myself i know it was HORRIFIC (i was told to stop lexapro before testing but was incorrectly told i could just stop cold turkey). other than that instance i never had a problem with either med (celexa or lexapro) but honestly don't know if either ever benefited me either. i had some mild increased nausea when starting/ increasing dose/ switching but other than that they didn't do much for me in any direction.

i hope that your insurance will allow you to have the med that works best for you without too much hassle,

B) melissa

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