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Breakfast/ Am Routine


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Ok. Since I have such a hard time in the morning getting started anyway, does anyone have any ideas about how to eat breakfast and what to eat that is easy. I have to be at work by 8:15am so most mornings I have such a hard time getting up and going that I dont eat breakfast. I feel better when I eat protein.......bacon and eggs, etc but dont have the energy or time to prepare them. Any ideas?


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I have the same issue.

Often, almost everyday, I go by Mc Donald's and get a side order of bacon.

Other days, I go to the local "greasy spoon" and have a breakfast of bacon and eggs. They are very quick!

I have simply had to change my office hours so that I can get going at my own pace.

Of course, a less than flexible schedule wouldn't accomodate such.

Hang in there.

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I have the same problem of eating that early, and haven't found the best solution, but I have found some things to eat. Recently it has been oatmeal, sometimes I eat protein bars etc., I also tend to eat a lot of nuts/trail mix types of food. I used to eat more of bagels with cheese and sometimes ham on them, but the carbs aren't the best, but it tastes good! I also sometimes eat just granola with dried fruit etc. mixed in.

I am not a cereal person, also the bacon has nitrates (bad for migraines and some POTS symptoms (I think)). I can't eat eggs, they have a weird texture, and can't stand the smell... I am weird! :)

Poptarts and those types of "popular" breakfast foods are bad because of all the sugar...

I try to avoid toast etc. or less it is whole grain, cause of the carbs.

I have always been more of the person to eat weird things for breakfast like soup or macaroni and cheese. ;)

So, good luck! :D

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When I am going through a flare up where I become sensitive to sugars and large meals, I will eat plain yoghurt for breakfast and bring along foods like trail mix to munch on at work (don't know if you can do that). Nuts are rich in magnesium, and my EP has suggested that I increase nut intake to reduce palpitations. Adding extra salt to whatever I eat in the AM is definitely a boost. Also plenty of fluids--I am most dehydrated in the AM--I guess that would be the case for most of us.

I'm not a meat eater, so I don't eat bacon. I agree that some of the preservatives in bacon may not agree with some of us. But the salt and fat content may help you feel better.

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I really hate getting up in the mornings, especially when it is to go to work. Just getting out of bed, washed and dressed takes me ages so I don't have time to do a proper breakfast.

When I was a student (before I became ill) and had to get up really early to travel every day I would make fresh porridge on the stove every morning. I liked mine Scottish style - porridge oats, water and salt then pour some cold milk over it to cool it down a bit.

Now I find that I am very nauseous in the mornings. I am thirsty and have to drink loads just to be able to get out of bed (I keep a thermos of iced water next to the bed to drink in the morning). It is about 2 hours after getting up before I can face eating anything solid. I try to grab a couple of slices of toast with marmalade in the coffee room at work about an hour after starting work.

If I'm not at work I don't eat breakfast, and don't feel hungry either.

I'm not advising you to follow my habits - everyone is always reminding me that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and how bad I am for skipping it!


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Everyday: bowl of raisin bran (a pretty high sodium cereal, plus need the fiber with all the meds), with skim milk and half a banana, glass of water with morning pills, and to top if off, a glass of vegetable broth (loaded with sodium). BORING but it seems to work the best. Happy eating!

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I found a wonderful Toaster at Kohl's.

You can quickly make toast and an egg!

You pop the bread in... add some water and the egg - either hard boiled/ soft boiled or a little pan for poached. You can drop some cheese on to. Push the button and it all cooks and is ready at the same time!

Without it, I'd never have the energy to get my protein at breakfast time.

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Guest tearose

Plan the night before and it will be easier!

I too am slow first in the thing in the am.

I only drink for the firs two hours then later I can eat...

If I need easy I reach for yogurt.

I love a bowl of home made oatmeal! I make a potful of "porridge" during the day/on weekend, and refrigerate it. In the morning or whenever..scoop desired portion and put in a microwave safe bowl with some milk and zap on 70% for about one minute.

Oatmeal has so many benefits and you can stir in fruit or nuts if you wish.

best regards,


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