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Concentration Issues


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Ever since I've had cellulitis, I've definitely noticed a worsening of my symptoms as I try to heal. I know this is completely normal that the sort of stress that was put on my body would cause this, but it's still very frustrating. Anyway, my main issue is that one of the worsening symptoms is brain fog. I'm an attorney- I can deal with most of the physical symptoms b/c my job isn't physically demanding, and I have very nice employers who gave me an ottoman for under my desk and are very understanding. BUT, this new job is more demanding time-wise than my old job was. Plus, I'm trying to learn some new areas of the law, and that's difficult. So this brain fog thing- even, really, my old levels of it-is just not okay at all.

I have a call into Dr. Moore in Birmingham. She'd talked about adding some more meds, specifically klonipin, to my treatment to make me overall feel better, which would help. I also asked the nurse about adderall, which I took some in college, but she said that they don't normally prescribe that because of the close monitoring that it requires to get the dose right, and that they prefer your pcp to do it. What else do you all do to help with this issue? If there's something I hadn't thought about, I'd like to be able to ask her.

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So the decision has been made to increase my Lexapro up to 20 mg (from 10). She's told me in the past that they don't know why Lexapro, etc. works well for some people's autonomic disorders, but it does. The reaction between all your brain chemicals and systems just isn't well known. I suppose we'll see! Meanwhile, I'm trying to get a pcp appointment as well.

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