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Federal Health Benefits

Mrs. Burschman

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My husband has a new job! He will receive federal health benefits with his new position on our congresswoman's staff. My question is this: Are the benefits any good? Are spouses covered? How about wacky autonomic disorders? If anyone has any first-hand knowledge, I'd be much obliged.

We currently have coverage through the newspaper where we both work. It's not bad, but I'm weighing the options ...

Thanks in advance!


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Our family has been covered by federal BCBS for over 20 years and we have been pretty happy with it. I am not sure how your current insurance compares. Most govt employees have several plans to pick from. I don't know what your husbands particular benefits package will be. We pay for family plan and there are two options - Standard and Basic. We have the Standard plan.

The problem for us is that our daughter just turned 22- still in college, but insurance ends at 22, regardless of student status. There were pros and cons to this, meaning if your child wasn't a student -they still could be covered until this age. NOW we are paying hundreds of dollars a month to keep her coverage while she finishes school. She has option of 36 months of continued coverage under the plan which provides the same coverage she has had

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