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Not Much To Report

Dawg Tired

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Well, except that the goats escaped... and the rooster.


But that's pretty much an everyday thing.


Nanny wonders what the camera smells like...


Festus is smiling at me.


And Omega Kitty is still looking for a home. She's spayed and ready to go.

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:lol: Yes, they are cute! And hey have such personality. Festus "escapes" and will come look in the back window at me. Mr Rooster comes up to the back walk ever morning and sits under the bedroom window and crows - I think he's telling Hubby to get up and come feed us!
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I think GOATS are ardorable. My sister has a freind who is a strict Vegan and has a farm sanctuary tor animals to roam many acres and have access to barn. He has taken in sheep, goats and chickens (the latter from the horrible mega farms) to rescue them.

The goats are the CUTEST!! and so sweet. :lol:;)

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Yep, that's Festus! He escaped once while I had a bunch of DAR ladies meeting at my house... he came right to the kitchen door - smiling at me - he's ornery!

But when you go outside he runs to the gate and waits for you to let him in. I think he's afraid if he runs away he won't find anyplace else as cushy!

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Thanks for sharing the pics-- so cute. They look so friendly, yet I have such horrible memories of being attacked by goats as a child at the petting zoo. They were bucking and aggressive, nailed me right to the ground. I am sure it had something to do with the constant feeding by patrons that made them that way. Just never trusted them since.

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