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Allergies??--but Not Really...


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Hi Everyone,

Chrissy had to go to the Dr. again last week, thinking she might be getting a sinus infection or something. The Dr. said she was all clear, no sinus problems, no redness in her throat, etc. and blamed it on it being allergies. Problem is, Chrissy has been tested for allergies more than once and they told her she is 'somewhat' allergic to dust and some trees, but it really shouldn't affect her. She's also been tested for different foods, which was also negative. Also, with real allergies we've always been told that you'd have watery, itchy, burning eyes. She's feeling better today, but she missed school and work almost all of last week. We've had the a/c on all week (only in Cleveland can it be in the 80's and 90's in October!). Is this just another one of those things where the Dr. doesn't really know what it is, but has to blame it on something?


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"Is this just another one of those things where the Dr. doesn't really know what it is, but has to blame it on something?"

(I don't know how to properly quote part of an entry. I'm still learning the forum.)

I think you might be on to something. I went to the doc a few weeks ago convinced I had a sinus infection brewing. I had the headache that feels like you can't see straight, the face pain, stuffy feeling. . .

Went to the doc and he didn't see anything - congestion, reddness, etc. He said he didn't find anything but gave me a RX for claritin. Ian't that interesting? I didn't fill it, why would I? Othing is wrong why add an antihistamine to my med list needlessly. This is the same dos who told me no patient should be on more than 3 medications. I actually like this doc, but he admits he is in over his head with POTS. He is trying to learn though. I appreciate this. He is consulting with the ANS doc routinely since she is 6 hours away. It is kind of a pain for me, but maybe the next POTS person in this podunk town will be treated well and at least one doc in town will know how to proceed.

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