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I Hope I Found The Right Pcp Finally, Need A Little Support


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I think I may have found the right PCP. The one I had was nice, but he is not on my insurance plan as a provider. This one is, and he has very good credentials. He goes on missions around the world along with his nurse practioner. I have read some wonderful things about this doctor.

I went to his office, and the MA asked a lot of questions about my health history, then the NP asked more questions, then gave me a full examination. Then the doctor came in and game me another examination. He looked at my medical records, and didn't treat me like I was nuts. He told me I see great specialists for my EDS, POTS, and spine/cervical/cranial instability.

He seemed concerned that I had a virus, and I told him I'm at the tail end of one. The NP noticed this also, and she said call if I have any problems. They are very humble, and you can see they treat their patients with respect.

As he was looking though my medical records I told him to check out my old lab work from 2001 showing very high levels of lead in my urine. I told him that none of the doctors I mentioned this lab work to ever did any other testing, other then Dr. Grubb who tried to connect me with someone who does specialized testing for lead. Dr. Grubb tried, but he's so busy, I never followed up, and on an appointment with him a couple years back I told him I'll have my PCP deal with it. Well, my PCP never ordered any other testing, but I can't remember if I focused on this on any appointments, so I can't say for sure he was aware of this lab work that showed lead poisoning. I want to be fair. I have so many things going on at once, and not sure where to start when seeing a new PCP.

This time I got my records in order from what I felt the most serious of my problems, and continued to the least concerning of my health problems. I felt more organized, though still overwhelmed with how many issues I'm dealing with at once.

He ended up ordering a full lead panel, but he also ordered a full abdominal x-ray, and chest x-ray. I asked the x-ray tech why he ordered this, and he said there are certain things they look for on those x-rays in regards to lead poisoning. Yesterday I went for the x-rays and blood work, and it wiped me out. My virus is hanging on, and giving me low grade fevers. This morning I woke up feeling like the wind is knocked out of me. This ruptured disk in my T-8-9 level---(square in the middle of my back) is whipping the c&*% out of me. Then the heat wave has set all my POTS symptoms into a tail spin, and meanwhile something was pulled in my lower back along with my usual cervical/cranial instability problems still rearing it's ugly head.

It sounds like this PCP was on top of things, and his main concern was checking out the lead situation, especially considering the lesions that have developed in my brain---(which heavy metal poisoning can cause).

Today I woke up feeling like I couldn't breathe, and my heart was doing some weird things. I've been sick all day, and feeling like I can't sit up. My Dad wanted to take us out for our anniversary, and we ended up just going to his house, and we ordered out.

Today my blood presure sitting was 100/77, and standing it was 73/55. I have said this to my ANS doctor, and I don't get why he has never mentioned IV fluids, florinef, salt loading ect. I told my new PCP about the low BPs, and said I will have my ANS specialist deal with this. Have any of you discussed your low BPs and not have anything done or said about it?

Has anyone ever experienced heavy metal poisoning? Or suspected as having it. Do you know what type of testing is ordered several years after the exposure? My exposure was at my employer. I worked in the office, but the fumes from several toxic chemicals came through the ventilation system. I tried to get a copy of the MSDS sheet that lists the chemicals which is supposed to be publically posted, but it conveniently disappeared after I told my GM about the lead levels that were found, and I was conveniently laid off after 10 years working with them.

Sorry this post is long-----------It took a long time to type---- ;) I'm crashing again, and my fatigue has been terrible, and I can't even dress myself without getting wiped out. Typing is rough, and I make a lot of corrections.

Take care,

Maxine :0)

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Overall, that sounds like a great dr! Where are you located? Just curious, I would love a Dr. that is that thorough. Wow, it sounds like you have a lot going on! I hope that with these tests and new dr. that things can start to look up for you. I have never been told anything about having heavy metal poisoning, so I can't give you any insight.

Hopefully the new PCP can also help you with the BP issues. It seems odd that the other Dr. hadn't suggested those treatments to help you out, but it is possible that there was a reason. Maybe discuss it with him and your new dr.

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Thanks for your replies and support---- :)

I'm in NW Ohio.

Sorry my post was so long---and I still didn't get everything that is going on in there-- B)

I think a lot of us have had a long rough summer. I think my ANS doc is concerned with my oversensitivity to medications, and he may be reluctant to try some of the meds that treat the low BP. He knows I have partially blocked CSF--(cerebral spinal fluid), and some of those meds to treat low BP can aggrivate that. He has been a very good doc to me, and I don't want to go to anyone else for my ANS dysfunction. Maybe he hasn't mentioned salt loading figuring I already know this--- :)

I'm struggling with depression because I'm so overwhelmed with my health issues----------it's really hard to get moving when you feel paralized with depression. I used to snap out of it, but lately it harder to do. I am in therapy, and I continue to get myself out of the house, even if I'm having a bad day. My husband will take me out if I'm not up to driving.

The trick is to keep busy in some way-------------this doesn't mean you need to be physically active to do this. Just talk to a friend, knit, read, watch a favorite movie---------something.

Maxine :0)

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I'm sorry you've been struggling! :)

I know that a HUGE percentage of people with chronic health conditions also struggle with depression -- it seems to go with the territory, which makes sense. Coping with all of these issues IS depressing!

I'm glad that you're seeking out help. We all have enough to deal with without also feeling like we're in a deep, dark hole!

We're here for you!


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Hang in there!

Many of us have depression issues. Some of my worst times are when the docs aren't taking me seriously or don't know what to do. This zaps my hope of EVER (depression word) getting better or feeling better and that is too much to deal with for me. One definition for depression is a loss of hope, so it makes sense.

Sounds as if you have a good doc now and some progress is being made with your case. It may take a while, but the right doc means all the world to me. His thoroughness sounds great and the time he and the NP and MA spent with you is invaluable. Nothing is worse than only being able to get out a portion of what is going on with you when in the doc's office. They only get a part of the picture, prescribe something you know you don't really need and stll have the problem you came in with in the begining. UGH. Treasure the attention and the thorough way he is attending to your records.

Glad your husband is supportive. Reach out in whatever way you can and try to keep your head above water!

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Guest tearose

I have no knowledge of high metal levels so I can't offer any experience.

You seem to finally have found a gem of a pcp. Too bad he is not in network however, you deserve good care.

I share in your hope and happiness with this better care!

Best regards Maxine,


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Oh Tearose, he is in network--- :) The one I had previously wasn't. But the funny thing is that my old PCP covers for him when he's out on missions, every other weekend ect. So I guess my old PCP is covered sinced he covers for my new PCP in network.--Confused yet--- :D

The lab tech who took my blood pressed down on the needle after she got it into my vein----ouch.... :o I'm not bothered by needles, but she was a bit careless. Anyway, the blood work is done, and I will need to wait several days, as some is sent out.

Thanks so much for your support and kind words.

Maixne :0)

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