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Art3's Update-chicken Or The Egg?


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i wonder about this-is it the chicken before the egg? for some months

i thought i had POTS. my chest is tight, Im lightheaded to the point

where it is hard to think straight. these symptoms really flared up

back in sept 06. at this time i also developed neuropathy in my

legs, muscle weakness etc.. im so tired half the time it is hard to

breath. i sweat heavily. this is a terrible situation that gets so

bad i have 0 quality of life.

i had gastroparesis from food posioning yrs before these

symptoms began. i also apparently have crohns,testing positive this summer for 2 key markers of the disease and yrs of colon tests, ulcers etc..

a few weeks agoi had skin punch biopsies done on my leg by a great beuro here in town. he is checking the nerve cells for causes of neuropathy etc.. makingmatter worse Ie had chronic sinus issues as well. I upped my allergy shots to every week and my ent says that the meds Im on dry up things and could be causing fungal infections in the sinuses-and this has dragged on since amrch with no relief-just more symptoms!

the neuro who did

my tilt table and stuff here says either these symoptoms are from

the gp, the chronic gerd affecting my lungs and thus causing chest

tightness etc, and crohns causing weakness-or it is pots or

something. his test show some mild abnomralities on the tilt table,

but he didnt think it was enough to be doing all this. this dr is

the only pots dr in town. the situation for the first time seems to

me somehwat hopeless. i do have low blood pressures-however the dr

checked back 10yrs in my record and we saw my blood pressure has

always been at around 105/60. i have always been thin and tall-he

says my pressure is normal for being this small. certainly crohns,

gp and gerd could cause all of these symptoms,right? how does one

figure this out? i get my best hope and ideas here! regards to all

art in tx

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Hi Art! ;)

Obviously, we here can't diagnose you, but I can tell you a little about my experience.

Like you, I've been diagnosed with a bunch of different things. Irritable bowel, irritable bladder, polycystic ovaries, migraines, anxiety ... the list goes on. I've always though it sure seems like a lot of different things for someone so young! (I'm 31.) But the thing is, if I have something wrong with my autonomic nervous system, which pretty much runs everything else in the body, it makes SENSE that I have all of these seemingly unrelated problems. So for me, the POTS diagnosis seems to tie everything else together.

The kind of problems you've described sound like the type of problems an out-of-kilter autonomic nervous system could cause. But like you said, it's hard to figure out if medical issues are related or not.

I'm glad that your town at least has one POTS doctor. Is he someone you can work with to try to improve your quality of life somewhat? There are medications that can help us POTSies feel better, but it takes a lot of trial and error.

Don't give up! I'm sure there are answers out there. It just takes a long time (and a lot of work) to find them sometimes! But this message board can be a big help, so don't be afraid to hang out. You're always welcome!


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