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Hormone Therapy


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HI. I've recently had my ovaries removed. I tired to keep off of HRT but I found I was just getting too many bad symptoms. I felt I needed something.

Anyway they put me on Prempro, which is in the same family as Premarin. I think it' s been a month. The thing is I feel very weak and tired. I felt that way before the Prempro, But I feel it' s gotten worse.

Now I have read an article by the author of "Screaming to be heard" and in it she stated that Premarin was not good for patients with CFS or Fibro as it could worsen symptoms.

I have been told I have CFS prior to being diagnosed with POTS and as we know a lot of the problems we with P.O.T.S. have we share with people with CFS such as low blood volume. So I am concerned about being on this drug because I am concerned it maybe making the CFS worse.

I was wondering if anyone here is on HRT and if so what kind?

Have you felt an improvement of your symptoms after receiving HRT or ERT?

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I am on HRT - estrogen only.

I've been on this for 2 years and diagnosed with POTS this summer. I don't really know if things are worse, but if you suspect it is worsening your symptoms talk to your doc. Probably your POTS doc and the OB-GYN. Personally, I could not go forth without my estrogen. My mood and other issues are too intense without estrogen replacement.

Good luck to you.


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I have very low progeserone and was put on natural progesterone cream. I immediate became symptomatic and felt horrible. I tried twice. The first time I quite after 4 days and the second time I only lasted 2 days. I don't seem to be able to metabolize much of anything by way of drugs or medicinal assistance for symptoms. My guess is you're much the same.

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I take bio-identical hormones (post menapausal)--bi-estrogen (the 2 weaker types, I believe that premarin is the 3rd type, though I could be wrong.) I also take progesterone (also bio-identical, also oral made up by prescription at a compounding pharmacy. I get my hormone levels checked fairly regularly and the doctor adjusts the dosage as necessary. I feel better on them. And, I have bone loss, and that is another reason I take them.

Years ago I tried the Prempro stuff and was not comfortable on it at all. It works for me, but may not for you. Good luck.

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Studies show that women taking synthetic estrogen alone have a 30-40 percent increase of developing breast cancer.

Estrone is the main estrogen type in Premarin and is much stronger stimulant of cell growth (i.e., cancerous growths) than estriol. Human estrogen is composed mostly of estriol, which is regarded as the weak estrogen that does not cause cells to proliferate as readily as the other forms of estrogen.

Studies also show that women on combined (Premarin and Provera) HRT are more likely to develop blood clots (stroke) and have a much higher risk of gall bladder disease and uterine cancer. The longer you are on these hormones, the greater your risk!!

I work in a nutrition store and we have many menopausal women who find relief with the natural progesterone cream (at small doses every day) used in conjunction with the natural estriol cream (they use 2-3 times a week). Black cohosh is also good for hot flashes and night sweats.

Waterbaby - I had the same situation happen. I have also taken the natural progesterone cream by itself (to alleviate PMS and fibrocystic breast symptoms) and it caused a flare up of symptoms. A nutritionist recommende I try pregnenolone instead (which is the pre-cursor to all hormones). So I'm going to try that.

I'm all for taking bio-identical and natural hormone therapies rather than the synthetic.

Suggested REading - Before the Change by Ann Louise Gittleman, PHD and CNS (great insights to natural therapies for women in perimenopause and menopause)


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Friday, I had a hyst at 31, but kept my ovaries. I have been on estradiol for 8-10 years with no problems. Prempro is normally given to women who still have their uterus, because as long as you have a uterus, you need it to keep the lining of the uterus thin. If the uterus isn't there, I'm not sure it makes a huge difference. Progesterone is the drug most problematic for women. As far as symptoms go.

There is lots of controversy over the studies done and what's best and what's not. I didn't tolerate premarin, but feel awful if I don't take estradiol (estrogen). I tried the bio identicals and they actually made me sick, so I just go with what works and doesn't make me worse. It's like everything else, you just have to keep trying till you find what works for you, and not what works for others. The hope is, we take hormones till the acute symptoms get better, then we can wean off, but some people never need anything, and some need them forever.

I think everything carries it's own risk, whether natural or synthetic. It's about what you can tolerate....good luck sweetie. morgan

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I think the book Screaming to be Heard is great. I got it used on Amazon for about 3 dollars. I had a hyster 3 years ago and kept my ovaries. Three months after being dx with pots my gyno suggested we check my hormones. They were gone! I was shocked to find that I was totally in menopause, estrogen less than 10. I now use the vivelle patch, estradiol .05. Couldn't live without. I was hoping the pots would dissapear as the hormones kicked in but that hasn't happened yet. But other symptoms (bladder, skin, anxiety) have gotten much better.

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Thanks for all of the replies.

I am so confused about what to do though,LOL It so hard because it' s different for everyone. I do see that some of you had trouble with the hormones.

Right now I'm thinking maybe I should try to stop the Prempro and see how it feels. I'm scared because i don't know if maybe I just need more hormones. Maybe it's not enough. Then it could be too much or this paritcular brand could be upsetting me. I just wish i knew one way or the other. I've been feeling sick now for a few weeks. And now I feel more exhausted. I saw a GP and she said to try a week off and see if it helps. I just hope it helps me feel better.

well thanks again.

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