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Carnivore Blues


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Well actually meat takes much more time and energy to digest, so that could be why it leaves you tired and dizzy. Maybe giving it up just for a few weeks would help you see if you feel better with it or without it.

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I can't eat very much meat. Like Megan said, it is harder to digest. I just don't have enough energy to go around! I feel best if I eat a small portion of salmon or eggs. Occasionally I'll eat a handful of almonds for protein. I always avoid pork - it is the absolute worst for me.

I've never kept an official food diary, but over the years I have paid attention to how I feel after meals and have noticed patterns and cut out/added foods. My husband is also great at noticing little things (food or otherwise) that make me feel better or worse.

I hope you can find out what foods are helping or hurting.


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Things that take more effort for your belly to digest can actually cause your body to shunt blood flow from other parts of you to your belly to give your gut the energy it needs. This can cause "post prandial hypotension" --basically--low bp following eating.


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