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Concerned About Concerta


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Hi everyone!

I went to my dr. today and was trying to get further help with my symptoms; tachycardia, dizziness, lightheaded, major brain fog, inability to concentrate, etc. I told her that especially when I get overheated and symptomatic, I tend to do stupid things and have a hard time concentrating and have brainfog etc. So, she asked me some things, and thought that I may also have ADD and to try Concerta, to see if it helps.

I really don't won't too take much more in the way of meds. especially such a potent one like this. As far as I understand it has quite a few side effects and is highly addictive. So, I really am thinking that I don't want to try it. But, I don't want to seem like a difficult patient. Because minutes before she sprung this one on me we had the whether or not to try Florinef conversation. Which I was leaning towards not. But they have said to see a POTS specialist I would have to try that and jump through other hoops first.

She also wants to put me on Neurontin for nerve pain/neuropathy symptoms and possible restless legs syndrome.

So, I guess my questions are what experience do ya'll have with any of these meds?

Should I break down and try the Florinef? What are the worst symptoms? Weight gain and bone loss?

Don't some people take ADD meds for POTS symptoms? Do any of you, and does it work? I would be more likely to try it if I thought it would help all around.

Should I be a difficult patient? She is a good doctor, we just don't agree on everything. I am trying to work on everything to feel better, but it is hard work!

I just don't want to be all drugged up, so let me know if you guys have any experience or thoughts on this stuff.

Thanks! :lol:

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many meds are used for POTS which are used for other things too, including antidepressants, antiseizure, etc. I'm on an SSRI, but I've never been depressed or experienced anxiety--but it does, in fact, help a great deal with my symptoms.

Others here may also be on Concerta--perhaps they'll give you their input.

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I've been on Florinef for several years and never had any real problems with it. Once I was off it for 4 weeks (to allow some testing) and was put right back onto the full dose - that made my feet and fingers swell up but it settled as soon as I dropped to a much lower dose. I think gradually increasing the dose over months and also weaning off it slowly are important but otherwise it is trouble free.

I was also worried about the bone effects of florinef, but I have been reassured by several doctors that it isn't really an issue with florinef if not taken in combination with other steroids. I was on prednisolone for 2 years and took bone protection (risedronate), now I just take a vitamin D3 and Calcium supplement.

I haven't taken Neurontin myself but I do know several people with painful neuropathy who have had a big improvement in their pain control when on neurontin or other similar meds.

Again no experience myself with ADD meds but I know that there are other members who take them and feel better on them.

My view of meds is that I don't want to take them unless they are going to make me feel better or reduce the chance of something nasty developing in the future (ie I understand the reasons for taking drugs to lower cholesterol etc).

I can understand why you would be hesitant about trying 3 new meds all at once. Perhaps it would be best to try one first and see if it suits you? If you start several and feel rough it might be hard to know which one is making you feel rough and which are helping. Also it is always worth giving any new med a good trial - I nearly stopped paroxetine (an SSRI) after only 1 day as I felt dreadful, but now I think it is great and have been on it for nearly a year.

If pain is a big problem perhaps trying Neurontin first might be a good idea? It would be useful to ask the doctor or a pharmacist how long it should take to see a benefit so that you know how long to try it for. Florinef takes quite a long time to work, especially as you may need to increase the dose several times to see a benefit.

I hope that your doctor is supportive and willing to work with you over a period of time to find the right meds for you. Good luck,


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As far as ADD drugs go I have been on Ritalin and Concerta. The Ritalin gave me about 2 hours where I was literally dancing around a flippin' flag pole at school and laughing hysterically (worse than the time I ate the WHOLE bottle of glucose tablets).... Then I "crashed". After the initial brust I would fall asleep and not wake up until the next morning. I gave that one like 3 days (can't get any schoolwork done when you're that hyper). Then I tried Concerta... I didn't like that one either... Quite honestly it didn't give me *enough* of a boost to get anything done. This was all before we knew that my problems were literally in my head....

I did try Provigil... That one I did like. I don't take that anymore because it's so expensive and it doesn't matter if I'm awake or foggy and whatnot. I can't go to school and I'm basically housebound, so I make my own schedule. The provigil helped me to think and kept me awake... But it didn't help the fainting (part of the reason I don't take it anymore... If it kept me off the ground I would...).

I used to do florinef as well (before my bp started to swing soooo high, as high as 250/140ish... I think that's the record). Then some idiot at an un named hospital decided that I was just trying to get attention and I fainted on my bike for "fun" (I love to spend the 4th of July in the ER) so he took me off of it... Then we tried it again it stopped working. I tried to take it again a couple of years ago before going to see a neurosurgeon and it gave me an awful pressure headache.

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I take 2 meds that are supposed to be for ADD. My doctor is a dysautonomia specialist and has found that these meds help some of his patients with the dys symptoms--pooling, brain fog etc. There was never any suggestion that I had ADD, and I don't think I do either. I take strattera and adderall, both at fairly low doses and do find enormous help from both. I know we are all different so this is just to say that some dys patients respond well to these meds.

I tried ritalin first but it kind of dropped me all at once whereas I find the adderal (being a mixture of 4 amphetamine salts) wears off more slowly. If I have forgotten to take the afternoon dose of stattera, and stand up and try to walk, I feel like my legs are heavy elephant legs, which definitely reminds me to take it.

I also tried florinef but it gave headaches. Again, we are all different!

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i am on a kind of ritalin, which is called methylphenidaat. . . and i very much LIKE it! i am using it to stop my falling asleep during the day and it helps very well for that. the first time i tried it i got very severe headaches so after some time (3 or weeks i think) i couldn't take it any longer and i stopped (it did keep me awake and more alert). a year later (and knowing from others how you once cannot tolerate a med and later it is possible that you CAN) i tried it again as my quality of life became so bad that i was just able to be in my recliner and sleep almost all day. and gues what: it was a piece of cake, no problems at all!!!

i remember when i started again and felt as if a curtain in my head came up and i felt much more alert, which is very good news, having a husband and two teenage kids :):lol: !!!

i think i would like to try concerta, as that lasts for 24/24 while i very much notice when the methyl. . . stops working (after about 4 hours). when i forget my meds, i fall asleep again :):lol:

hope this helps a bit,

take care,

corina :)

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