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On Our Way To Florida!


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Well, the packers are here today....just doing one last e-mail check before the computer gets taken apart. We'll be on our way to Florida tomorrow, and I won't have computer access until I get to my moms house this weekend.

The stress is ALMOST over :P Talk to everyone in a few days!!

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May your move go smoothly and may your new home bring you many, many years of happiness. Love, Nina :P

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Hi Jessica

best wishes for you and your family in Florida. Me and my family visited Florida once (orlando, kissimee where we rented a house with swimmingpool, kennedy space center, daytona beach and a few places more). We liked it very very very very very much (especially the swimmingpool which is not a common thing to have in Holland). Although many POTSpatients have very much trouble with the heat I myself have very much trouble with the cold so maybe we should change places (just a joke, don't think you would like the weather in holland would you?).

Well best wishes and hope you won't feel too bad after your move,


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B) Jessica,

I am going to miss you so much....

I wish you nothing but the best...Always..

I know that in the past year since we've met you have made such a difference

in how I look at this whole POTS thing..For all of the advice through the pregnancy and for removing my fear..You are an angel..

You are going to be a success at everything that you do, and I feel that I have been blessed, just knowing you..

Thanks for the hours of conversation and for being a friend.

Good Luck in everything that you do..Watch in the mail for this package that I am sending you..It may be soggy with tears but...I'm sending it anyway...

Talk to you real soon....Bye...

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Awwww B)

Thanks so much for your kind words.

Pam...I will miss you too...this past year has been much more toelrable with you as a friend. But don't worry, I am coming back up there at least twice a year to visit!! And you better be coming to FL to see me too...bring everybody down for a beach vacation :blink:

We are in Savannah, GA right now staying at a hotel, so I am getting a chance to check my e-mail and get online for a while...we'll arrive in FL tomorrow afternoon. It's been a good trip to far, I was literally dying from the heat and exhaustion, but I slept for 10 hours last night and I feel much better today. We just got out of the pool which felt sooooo nice.

I'll keep ya updated once we arrive...hope everyone is feeling super wonderful :(

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WE'RE HERE!! I am sooooo happy to have this trip overwith, but WOAH is it hot here. I wasn't expecting this level of humidity...I grew up in FL but I guess I don't really remember the heat, since it's been about 7 years.

I am hoping that I'll do okay with it, but we'll see :) I will try to remember to keep my water and salt intake high for these next few weeks...it should start cooling off at the end of August.

All our furniture, etc...will arrive at the end of next week, then we'll be staying at my grandparents house...then we get to move again once we find our own place in a few months...so the stress isn't over yet, but it's definitely getting better now that we're actually here.


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Welcome to Florida Jess! B)

Yeah, it's darned hot there...I hope it doesn't take you long to adjust :)


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