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Panic/anxiety Attack And Heart Problems

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Thanks for the link...I guess :):) . I agree Jennifer it doesn't make me feel better!

I guess just keep in mind "of those [experiencing panic attacks], about 4 percent, went on to have a heart attack or stroke. That compares with 2 percent of the women who reported no panic attacks but who had heart attacks or strokes."

4% is not a huge number and a difference of 2% is not huge, although it may be statistically significant. Clearly other factors also play a role in determining who is going to have a heart attack or stroke.

Also, this is just one study. You see all the time that one study points to possible causation while another doesn't.

To me, the bottom line is that you need to take care of yourself in the ways that you can--and the things you can't control you have to let go of.


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I haven't had time to read the article but from Katherine's post it does sound as though it may just stir up even more panic amoungst already anxious people.

I suspect that your risk of heart attack / stroke is much more closely related to: family history; previous heart attack / stroke in yourself; diabetes; untreated high blood pressure; high cholesterol; smoking; diet; obesity; lack of exercise etc. Some of those are modifiable risk factors which means you can do something to reduce your risk yourself. Also I wonder if non-dysautonomic people with anxiety / panic problems usually have high blood pressure as a result of the anxiety? I know that out blood pressures can swing wildly or be low but not many of us will suffer with uncontrolled high blood pressure, so the risk may only apply to anxious people with a high BP. It just shows how difficult medical research is, it is impossible to separate one risk factor from dozens of other potentially linked factors that may not even be measured in the study.

Golly, that came out longer than I intended it to - I hope it makes sense!


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