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Arms And Legs Constantly "falling Asleep"


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Hi me again!

I was just wondering if ya'll have the issue of your arms and legs constantly falling asleep? For me it happens when I sit too long esp. on the floor, or with my legs crossed (indian-style), sitting in class, or for my arms sitting on the couch, doing school work, and when trying to sleep. I can some nights be woken up about every hour or more because my arms are hurting, tingly, and kinda numb.

I am not entirely sure what to do besides avoid the triggers, which I try, but I have to sleep and I have tried may different positions/places to put my arms. And it is often both arms, so it isn't just that I am laying on one.

While awake like in class I try to move around the most I can and be figety which helps, but ideally I wouldn't have to be in one position long. At home I have to get up like every ten minutes, which is great for OI! I finally had figured out this was part of my problem with homework!

Not to mention my fingers feel like they were burned or have a bunch of paper cuts (they are all tingly/ kinda numb).

I think esp. now that it is getting colder I will try compression hose, other than that the only thing I know is watch my position and move around a lot.

So, any thoughts? :o

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Fidgeting is my only real cure- I have found though that sleeping with several pillows helps- I sleep on my side, with one under my head, one between my arms and supporting my upper body, and one between my knees. It seems like when my extremeties drop downward, it gets worse.

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I get this all the time.

Fidgetting does help, but doesn't remedy the situation.

I, too, wake up at night because my arm(s) is asleep. I have to wake it up then I can go back to sleep.

The first time this happened I panicked thinking I had had a stroke! OK, perhaps a bit over the top, but it was my first thought! ;)

I'm open to suggestions.


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I thought what you said was interesting because it sounded a lot like me. My bed is full of pillows. I have a pillow top mattress and then I have two body pillows that I lay on top of, and then my head is on three pillows, and then I have a pillow btwn my legs, etc. It can be impossible to get comfortable! :)

But, it is good to know that I am not alone in these awful symptoms, although I rather we all just didn't have to have them in the first place!


Is B12 tested in routine blood tests?

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In the UK your doctor would have to specifically ask for a vitamin B12 level on a blood test, it isn't usually included in "routine" blood tests.

I had my B12 level checked when I was severely anaemic - as a screen for causes of anaemia they took blood for B12, folate and ferritin (they came back normal). I could have told them the cause of the anaemia - very very heavy nosebleeds (no-one believed me that my Hb could go from 13 to 8 just from a heavy nosebleed in my sleep).

You may have to ask your doctor to do the bloods but it would be a correctable cause for your symptoms if the levels were very low.


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