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Blair Grubb Appointment


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hey all,

I have to reschedule my appointment with blair grubb - it is for dec. 20th at 9:30am. I will be rescheduling it sometime this upcoming week (probably tomorrow). just wanted to give the heads up to anyone who is trying to get in sooner to see him because this date will be open.......

hopefully this helps someone out.


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Hey there,

I'm going to call them around 11am tomorrow to re-schedule. I dont think it would be too direct for you to give them that date/time, or I could just give them your first name when I call to cancel that appt, just to leave it for you (if they would be willing to hold it for you until you call/get in touch with them) ..... ? lol, they might get confused though since your first name is also ANGELA! hahaha!

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I called at 11:20 and the appointment was already gone. :) So now I have one for July 8, 2008. I'm glad they let me make the appointment, they had a problem with my referral. The nice lady that answered the phone told me to call as much as I want and she'd try to move me up as much as she could.

Thanks anyway!


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I called at 11 and specifically gave them your name to try and put you in the slot so no one else could claim it until you called to confirm -- but they told me they had some sort of system that they go by, and had to follow....

sorry.... ;) wish it could have worked for you.....

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Commiserations Angela,

that must have been frustrating. At least you have an appointment and know that Dr Grubb will definately see you - that has to be a plus, much better than Mayo! In the end I suspect that you'll get in sooner than that as plenty of people have to reschedule visits or just plain cancel them. I guess they must have a system for allocating cancellations - I suspect that the more you phone the higher the chances are of getting an appointment sooner. Especially as you are relatively local and if you make it clear that you can attend at very short notice. Good luck with getting a sooner date. And I hope that Angela too (cardiactec) managed to reschedule ok.


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