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Compression Hose


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OK, I am sharing this in the event someone else may be as odd as what I am (and possibly Melissa/Sunfish), and may benefit from the info I have gleaned from a couple of sources.

It seems most compression hose are made of the same materials, nylon, spandex, and silicone, in varying %, and while it is not UNheard of, it is unusual for people to be allergic to the fabric in the hose -- for most, it may be the silicone in the thigh-high band. Some elect the panty hose style, and do well. Others are allergic to the fabric itself, and it may be the nylon or the spandex.

I made a call, after conducting, for me, an exhaustive web search, to a company called makemeheal and there are some cotton compression hose. So far, I am not allergic to cotton. The stockings, however, that the rep could find, were all thigh-high with a silicone band, or knee-high. She was, bless her heart, going to call the manufacturer to see if there were any options for me. I couldn't ask for more than that, unless the manufacturer would agree to make some especially for me.

So, that's where I am. I think of all the billions of people in the world, many of them wearing compression hose for a lot of different reasons -- us, varicose veins, diabetics, people who stand on concrete floors at work all day, or sit all day -- and surely there is a demand for hypoallergenic compression hose? I did find a site for making compression bandages on your legs, but that looked more than miserable.

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