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How Do You Get Into Mayo


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I tried to call a specialist in Pensacola, Dr Charles Thompson who is listed under the physician list here on the site and I was told I needed a referral to get in. I am newly diagnosed and my cardiologist diagnosed me. Not sure how she will feel about me asking to be sent to another doctor. My cardiologist is wonderful but I really want to see someone who specializes in autonomic disorders.

Do you need a referral to get info Mayo and doctors like Dr Charles Thompson? Could my primary care physician referr me?


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I found out before I ever went to mayo, or scheduled with mayo, that an HMO plan would not be covered with mayo -- but that if i got under a different insurance plan, that i did not even need a referral. i ended up switching my HMO plan (which you always need a referral wherever you go with this type of plan) to a POS or PPO plan -- this type of plan allowed me and still allows me to go see whomever I want, without even having to get my PCP or any of my other docs involved.

this is obviously dependent upon your type of insurance and with that insurance, if you have such a plan to choose from. i know with my new job i am getting in a couple weeks, that i dont have such an option -- it's either in network or out of network and needs referral either way, no special plan.

good luck.

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