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Migraine Drug And Allergic Reaction-er


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My neurologist prescribed fioricet for migraines after I reacted badly to midrin. I took it for the second time tonight, and within 90 minutes, swollen throat and itchy everywhere. And this is a drug that they tell you not to take antihistamines with, cause the barbiturate is already so sedating. And boy was I loopy. So I called patient advisory, and oh joy, ended up in the er again. Where they gave me the same benadryl I can take at home. No more fioricet-- too bad, 'cause it helped the headache.

I've had it with my ever-growing list of drug reactions and my ongoing need for medications! I wonder what he'll recommend next, since I seem to be the queen of adverse drug reactions.

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Thanks, Tessa and Nina.

I left a message for the neurologist. We'll see what he suggests.

I am in the middle of another migraine right now, and really do need to figure out something I can take. My darvocet really doesn't touch it. And the idea of going to work with this headache is not pleasant. The fioricet stopped the headache, so it's a bummer I can't take it.

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