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Very Powerful and so sad. I have read some articles recently about the growing number of teens in the UK, with ME/CFS, undiagnosed and essentially lost. Their "job" is to be a student. Their illness makes it impossible. Teachers, doctors, and parents call them lazy, etc. They don't get the proper help in so many cases and end up homeless.

It's not much better here in the US. I have worked hard to track the "cognitive dysfunction" that accompanies CFS/OI. Many students have marked attention, memory, and speed processing problems. Despite the fact that my son has straight A's, he will qualify for extended time on SAT's, ACT's because of his illness.

Many, many teens go undiagnosed & untreated w/o the help/accomodations they need. The problems only get worse with adulthood. Money for research & education, empathy and understanding are all needed for this population.

Doesn't seem like Tony got the message. Is their any hope that George will?


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