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I am really interested in a post you put up in october...

"Hi everyone!

I've been getting this weard feeling in my head and neck for the past few days.

It feels kind of electric like..and just plain weard. I'm not really sure how 2 explain

the feeling of it. When this happens my eyes feel very weard, and I get a llittle dizzy and very confused. I posted something a while ago about my ears and neck bothering me. Im not sure if that has anything to do with it. The bottom on my head it very red, and a little part of my neck is..where it hurts. My lower back has also felt sore. Im not sure if this is also related to Pots..and if any of you have experienced this."

My mom has complained for months about what she describes as 'electric shocks' throughout her body, and this is the only time ive heard anyone else use the word eletric. i have not expeirenced these, but i was wondering if you have found anything else about this, or if you are still expeirencing this. please let me know. I wish the best of luck to you.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Thanks.

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Hi Sarah,

I also get this electric shock type feeling from the base of my neck into my head. It happens when I move a certain way and is hard to duplicate. In my case, I have a bone spur and disc protrusion at C6-7. When I move a certain way, it hits the spinal cord and generates the shock.

I think certain types of neuropathy can also cause the shock.


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