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Ones Favorite Books/dvds


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Ust whanted to know what people like to read and whatch, and recomendations on new stuff..

I love to read, but cant to much of it, caus of graying out etc, so i whatc more tv (flatscreen are more comfy for the eyes then the older tvs..=))

When it comes to dvd i have during the yrs gone trou many dvd shows, like er, house, sex and the city, six feet under, anne of green gabels,friends, 4400, and a lot more..

I whant to whatc more movies then i do, but I tend to by series caus u get more for the money..=), and its easyer to whatc often..

When it comes to books I used to read what ever I gould gett my hands on, now I try to be more picky, its wast of eyes to read a bad book..=)

I have been in a jane austen period now... ust love pride and pred.. And I hope to read robert service book about lenin.. problem is its so tick, and my brain so fogged... Its so enoing to read and not remember.. And my memory was (if I remmber correctly..=)) so good.. well well, thats life..=)

so what to u like..? and is there an esy, but good book out there..=)

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If you like "Pride and Prejudice", you will really love "Evelina" by Frances Burney...she's Austen's predecessor as 18th Century lady novelist, and her use of absurdity in humor will make you laugh out loud (even though it's the kind of funny that would never work on screen). Hope you can find a copy...it's really a fun novel :)

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Hi.. :)

two great tips alredy.. ust have to se if I can find them here, or get me self a credit card so i can by online..=)

And I love history, spesialy the history of women... no to long ago i read (well not finiched yet but) bold spirit, helga estbys forgotten walk across victorian america.. very intresting book..

And ust started the kite runner by khaled hosseini, thats esy (so far) to read, but this one i read in the norwegian translation..

thanks for the tips..have a lovely day u all

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If you love history, you might want to check out any of Ken Burns' documentary films.

His latest is "The War," which is about World War II. It's being shown in the United States now on public TV, so it might not be available to you for a while.

He's done films on the Civil War, jazz, baseball. It seems no matter the topic, he makes it really interesting.

Of course, I'm not sure how available they are in Europe, but you could check them out! Besides, they're really long ("The War" is 14 hours) so they would keep you busy for a good while.

Good luck finding some good entertainment!


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Here are some of my favorites:


The O'Malley Series by Dee Henderson

first book is "The Negotiator"

The True Heroes series by Dee Henderson

first book is "True Devotion"

The Mark of the Lion Series by Francine Rivers

"A Voice in the Wind"

"An Echo in the Darkness"

"As Sure as the Dawn"

All of the above books can be found on Amazon.com if you are interested. If you want more of a description of them, just let me know.

Classic Movies:

The Sound of Music

Roman Holiday

Anne of Green Gables

Newer Movies:

The Parent Trap


Rat Race (this movie is pure silliness, so it's great for a day when you're so brainfogged that nothing makes sense anyway!)

Anna and the King

TV Shows on DVD:

The Cosby Show

I Dream of Jeannie


Gilligan's Island

I hope you can find some entertainment that suits your fancy. :) Happy watching/reading.


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If you like history, perhaps you'll like these two books. They cover a history, culture, and land that few people know much about. They can both be found at Amazon.com if you want to check them out.

"Sisters: Coming of Age and Living Dangerously in the Wild Copper River" by Samme Gallaher and Aileen Gallaher

This one is a true story about a girl, Aileen, who moved to Alaska in 1926. The book was written by her sister, Samme, and it includes letters that Aileen wrote while in Alaska.

"Tisha: The Story of a Young Teacher in the Alaska Wilderness" by Robert Specht

This is also a true story. It is about a girl who goes to Alaska in 1927 to be a teacher.

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Janet Evanovich, her Stephanie Plum books......One for the Money, Two for the Dough, etc. They can be a bit on the blue side and the language off color, but they are laugh out loud funny. They are not for everyone, but I eagerly await every new one and then read them in one day...


Love Actually

The Cutting Edge (older)

The Magic of Ordinary Days


Just a few.....

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I"m a chick-lit girl!! I love the shopaholic series! and the sisterhood of the traveling pants series, the nanny diaries, anything fun like that. I also love elisabeth elliot and joni erickson tada, both very inspiring.

tv - i like hgtv, the food network ,and reality shows- american idol, next top model, survivor, beauty and the geek,project runway!!

lately since I haven't had much energy I have been listening to books on tape, and that is an easy way to pass time if you can find them. does anyone know where to get them cheap? i norm get them from the librarby, but being in a small town equals small selection


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So many wounderfull suggestions.. some I heard about, some I allreddy love, and others are unknown .. And the unkown one I will check into a day the fog is a bitt lighter and the body less troblesum..

ps Migithymouse if u liked couplings u would probebly love cold feet that is a similare type series from the uk.. cold feet I gess is a bitt more drama and serious, but very funny and lovely...

And for listening book I am told that u can down load from the internett, I my self dont have a clue about such things but...

have a wounderfuill day averyone

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