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What Else Pots Stands For

Mrs. Burschman

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Found this in an online dictionary of acronyms:

POTS Parents Over the Shoulder

POTS Parting on the Square (Internet-Masonic Lexicon)

POTS Path Of The Shell (game Uru: Ages Beyond Myst)

POTS Perception of Teasing Scale

POTS P!@# Off, Tomorrow's Saturday (principally Australian slang)

POTS Plain Old Telephone Service

POTS Plain Old Telephone System

POTS Plain Old Time Sharing (operating systems)

POTS Post Office Telephone Service

POTS Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome

POTS Protector of the Small (Tamora Pierce book)

POTS Purchase Of Telephones & Services

I like No. 5 best myself.

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but I bet a chocolate chip cookie, this gets moved to the chit chat board!


i have POTS phone service. Will NEVER give it up.

The cell phone scares me how it interferes with things. AND I hate the sound quality on them (picks up background noise LOUDER than on normal landlines) AND there is that awkward 'lag time' where you can both talk at the same time and cross talk.

Cell phones also drop moments...I love the INTIMACY of old fashioned phone...you can talk quietly without odd sounds or echos or outer space noise.


My sister is kind enough to keep me in a cell phone for times I need it and when i go out.

But for FULL TIME USE...NEVER the cell phone..and my brain waves are interesting enough w/o adding to the cell phone risk controversy.

Course I realize OUR bodies have electricity as well..when I move radio antennae and when I used to adjust TV rabbit ears. You would stand next to tv...good picture...sit on the couch, and picture would get fuzzy again.

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