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Is Leg Electrolysis Safe With Pots?


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I can't stand shaving my legs, its a pain in the butt and I get terrible razor burn that last for days, sometimes I wonder if it has anything to do with my circulation?

Anyways I have tried almost every hair removal method I can find shaving, waxing, threading, depilatiories, epilady, and electric razor and am just not happy.

Recently I decided to start electrolysis on my eyebrows, I've only had one treatment so far, but am happy with the results! So, I am considering having it done on my legs. I love the idea that by the time I am 23 I will not have to shave again!!

Does anyone know if it is safe to have electrolysis done on your legs? It only works on the hair follicle so nothing is ingested or anything. I will have to talk to my electrolygist next time I go.


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You are probably getting razor burn b/c your skin is dry. If you tolerated the electrolysis on your eyebrows, it should be the same for your legs. I haven't had electrolysis, but had a test patch done for laser hair removal. I felt dizzy for a 1/2 hr or so and then I felt fine. I think it was due to the pain - but it supposedly doesn't hurt as much if you take Advil before. There are dermatologists that do electrolysis, so it might be better to take that route so you can discuss the potential effects.

Although I like the effect of the laser, I'm sticking to Epilady for now b/c I'm hoping they'll come out with cheaper technology in a few years.

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