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Going To Orlando


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I am going to a conference in Orlando the end of October. I have to fly, but hubby has assured me all the planes are big. I see everyday now a horror story about planes and I am terrified to fly. I am all the way across the U.S.

However, I will get to meet the doctor from Germany who is doing DNA testing on my blood and best of all...I get to go see a dolphin! So, if I make it through the flight, I will finally meet people like me, and get to see a dolphin, can't beat that. Hopefully I can have my Beechnut baby food on board, as I hear they do not serve food on flights anymore.... :( morgan

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I hope your trip goes well. I haven't flown in a long time, so I don't know much about the way it works now with food, water, etc.

That's exciting that you get to see a dolphin! Will you get in the water with it? I have a friend with MS who went to Florida a few years ago. She got to go swimming with a dolphin and loved it. The dolphin was very gentle with her.

Let us know how your trip goes!


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Wow Morgan, that sounds like a great trip!

the conference must be an exciting opportunity to ask questions and find out more about your specifc type of health problems.

Most of all I'm envious of you getting the opportunity to see a dolphin. I love photos of dolphins and had a really great calendar with lots of lovely blue relaxing photos on it the other year. I've seen them on nature programs on TV but never in real life - I hope it is a truly magical experience.

Good luck with sorting all the "clearance" for the flight, so long as you have access to water and your food and look after yourself you should be fine.


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