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Blood Work---high Iga Levels, And -0- Hydroxyproline Levels


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I called the University of Cleveland Hospital's neurology dept. to get results of blood taken on 7-11.

The blood was drawn at University of Toledo Medical Center.

Anyway the IGA blood levels were at 478 with the reference range being 60-413

And my hydroxyproline being -0-! which is how it appeared----with a reference range of 6-50

Should I be concerned? Especially since I have felt like such a train wreck lately. ;)

Maxine :0)

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Well, I really hate to say this, especially since I don't know what these are for, but since they are not off by a zillion, my guess is you will told not to worry about it, hence my never ending wondering about why tests have parameters to begin with.

My best answer would be, I have no idea. My BUN and Creatinine have been above normal for months and no one has paid any attention, although it's a clear indication of renal problems. My mom had kidney failure. My pcp said he talked to a couple of nephrologists and both said they wouldn't know what to do with me if they did find something, so they have refused to see me. Some are big on parameters and some just don't seem to care much. It's a crap shoot.

My son had to stop some meds for borderline high labs, but we also found out his doc had to have a liver transplant from a toxic drug :( so he , of course, would be more black and white I'm sure. I guess you need to find out from the docs if it's worrisome to them, and if you haven't heard from them and it's been a bit, they must not be too concerned. Sorry I can't be more of a help to you...morgan

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I'll assume your talking borderline levels? I have had a lot of blood work that was borderline for years. If not please correct me -- :(

A level of -0- hydroxyproline doesn't seem anywhere near normal, and the IGA is 60 to 100 over depending on the charts. All I know is this is a test that falls under immunoglobulins blood, and the hydroxyproline has something to do with connective tissue. The secretary that works for the doctor in Cleveland said she thought she saw the results, but then could not find it in my file. She thought they may be normal, but could not remember if it was mine she was looking at.

I hope those levels are nothing to be concerned with as far as the doctor thinks--------------I don't want anything else added to my plate.

I'm not freaking over this, but it is a bit concerning until I hear from the doctor. I've been feeling terrible, and not my usual potsy, EDS, spine messed up self--------------you know what I mean. More then my usual junk.

My joints hurt all over, and I'm having a lot of pain in my legs-----------not usual for me.

I dread this warm week coming up, and the weekend is going to be even warmer.

Maxine :0)

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I am sorry you are not getting answers. I have a lot of hand and knuckle joint pain that has NEVER been explained and all tests for however many arthritis and rheumatologist and SED rates and other stuff for inflammation. It's maddening and exrays show NOTHING.

I just want somebody to explain why I had to give up playing guitar and the piano YEARs ago due to this "pain". My ANS doc thinks it ties into fibro junk and my CTS....but I do nothing repetitive with my hands...sorry, didn't mean to make this about me but we can all relate to tests that explain NOTHING or just get a 'shrug.' :angry::ph34r:

yes, parameters can vary from lab to lab and why IS that?

Then again, we all know docs can over look BIG THINGS so we need to follow through for our own sanity.

Maxine, I hope you can get pain relief. I would love to try acupuncture if I could find a sliding pay scale.

Also, I so hear you on the HEAT coming back. Aaack...it's been GREAT having the house open and cooler evenings.

Plus the weatherman saying to water all the trees and shrubs to SAVE them from drought...let hose trickle for hours per tree?? But I digress...we have 12 trees plus about 6 huge evergreens.

I hope somebody will get to your pain issues and answer your questions.

It stinks when we have to get answers on a message board but often, the input is just as helpful as "some" medical facilities.


P.S. I sometimes used to feel like the guy in this shrink cartoon since my tests used to NOT make sense to my current doc in the earlier years...then we would follow up later and all would be NORMAL. Makes me think ALL FOLKS tests go IN and OUT of parameters and those guides are just a crapshoot as well.


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Funny cartoon Sophia! Thanks, I needed that--- :angry:

So sorry you had to give up guitar and piano due to your joints in your hand being pain, that must have been heartbreaking for you. It must be so frustrating for you to try and do daily tasks with the limitations your have been living with--- :( . I have always wanted to learn how to play the drums, as I have been told I'm a natural for it, but could you imagine me beating on a drum now----shocked3.gif

I love music----any kind, except rapp, and some country.

A little good news, I decided to call my physical therapist from the orthopedic surgeon's office about the rude behaviour of the PT I saw locally. She only wanted to do aquatic therapy, and none of the other therapy he had on the prescription. She said I didn't need it if I got therapy in the pool the exercise would take care of the pain issues I'm having, implying that my pain must be from lack of exercise.

Then if that is the case then why does my pain get worse the more I move? And believe me, if I'm able to move, I move. I'm not one to sit idle. But if I'm down, I respect my body and try to listen to it by resting. I need to lay down several times a day, but as soon as I recharge my batteries I'm up again. It's terrible having a hyper person locked up inside this messed up body.

The PT from Cincinnati/orthopedic office said he will take care of the situation. He called the office with the nasty PT, and talk with her supervisor------enough said. He called the PT office from another provider for me and set up PT with specific instructions from both him and the orthopedic surgeon. I start Monday. He also said someone needs to be in the pool with me at all times. The PT office I went to previously had a woman sit there who did not look or sound qualified to be giving pool PT. The exercises she was giving me were wrong, and now I'm paying for it.

I hope I get over this nasty virus I just picked up-----------I get very moody when I get a virus because I hate having it on top of all my other problems.

I'm curious about this blood work---------------it may be nothing, but I'll feel better to hear the words from my Docs mouth.- :ph34r:


Max :0)

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i am sorry u r dealing with this also. i ahve the leg pain noone can explain either. and did u know that different hospitals have their own set of rules by which to take blood. i went for some yesterday and she had to look one up on which type of vial to use and also had to call the hospital to make sure what their protocol was. so if it varies so much on levels and how to draw them no wonder it's so hars to dx of anything.

also ther is a website called lab tests on line, and it heps.

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I talk with the doctor that ordered the testing, and he said they look for low levels of IGA, and that my results were nothing to be concerned about--------hmmmmmmmm "It's low levels they get concerned with". :(

I asked him about the level -0- on the hydroxyproline, and he said he sees that all the time----(the -0-). Sorry, but with the combination of problems I have been having, I would think this warrents further investigation.

Then he said he would like to start me on carnitine because my levels were "borderline"-----does that make sense? Especially considering that lower levels are not worrisome in the medical field according to some of the links I read. I was one point below normal readings Carnitine totals were 33----reference range being 34-86, and carnitine esterfield is at 4----reference range of 5-29. Also, he would like to start Q-10-------------EVEN TOUGH MY LEVELS WERE NORMAL!

I know that some medical professionals automatically assume we either have somatic disorder----or an obsession with illness when we do out own research. However, it's because some of them are incompetent, or very dismissive of these rare disorders, and the complicated symptoms. They would rather consider us nuts or obsessed then realize they may fall short of our needs in competent medical care, and maybe suggest moving on to another specialist.

This is so frustrating, and at risk of sounding like a broken record........ WE MUST ADVOCATE FOR OURSELVES!

Maxine :0)

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