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What The Heck Happened?


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Has anyone ever had this happen? I was eating, feeling pretty good, then all of a sudden, my upper arms, around the back where my triceps used to be before I became a flabby old woman :) began to feel weak and hurt. I could barely hold my fork. I didn't want to eat anymore, I started to feel so bad: lightheaded, weak, sick to my stomach, then I began to shake really bad. My hands were very shaky, like I had palsy. My husband said, "You're not feeling good, are you?" He's very observant when he wants to be (I'm teasing). I took my bp and it was a little higher than usual, but actually better than it usually is--115/77 (I usually run 106/60's). My pulse ox was normal, as well. The spell didn't last too long, but after that, my tricep area hurt for the rest of the day.

I ate later, and no problem. Was this some kind of adrenaline rush, do you think? What would cause the pain? My legs have hurt today, too.



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Hey, Morgan, you can buy little pulse ox machines on the Internet. They are quite expensive. My hubby paid $200 for mine. I was having trouble breathing last year, so he got it for me so we'd know when we should start making our way to the hospital. We also use it for when I have tachycardia spells. You know how the docs are always asking, "How high did your pulse go"? Well, all we have to do is pop that little baby on my finger and voila, there's my pulse. No having to try and take it while I'm in the middle of an episode when, the last thing I'm gonna be able to do is calm down and count pulse beats!

Persephone, I get migraines sometimes, where I have that silver lightening shaped thing in my eye. I just had one Saturday, that led to a dull ache later. I saw Dr. Chelinsky, at Case Western in Cleveland the other week, and he said you can have migraines without headache. I never knew that. Interesting. I'm going to post about it in a separate post to ask others if they get migraines without headache.

Thanks, ya'll.

Gentle hugs,


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