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High Folate And High B12?


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Still struggling with low iron and ferritin. My b12 is high at 1005 (220-700 being normal) and folate is >18 (2.8-18). My doctor doesn't seem concerned. He just wants to get my iron up (I'm not anemic, it's just low right now). Iron has been low for a couple years now. If I'm on iron it stays up, but as soon as I go off it trickles back down. I can't seem to get my ferritin up either. I've had both a colonoscopy and endoscopy and they came back fine. Tested for celiac and that was fine. My hair is still shedding like crazy. I do have a heavier period but I've had heavy periods all my life. I can't take birth control pills because of my migraines with visual aura so there goes that option.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Is a high b12 and folate concerning when I'm not taking any folate or b vitamins? I tried looking up some information on high levels and it said cancer, leukemia. You can't look anything up on the internet without coming up with some horrible disease. I'm so tired of being worried about my health.

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Try not to worry. If your doctor is not concerned about those levels, you probably do not need to be either. Ask him/her about what you read if it continues to concern you. I agree that too much internet research can lead to un-needed worry and stress.

I have problems with anemia as well. My periods have become heavier than they used to be, and no less frequent.

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I took Biotin Forte in February and March (about 60 days) that had B vitamins and folate in it, but nothing past March including multivitamins. Maybe still lingering in my body?

Thank you doctorguest - I appreciate another doctor's input.

Katherine - what type of iron supplement do you take? The ferrous sulphate (sp?) is so hard on my stomach that I switched to slow fe, but the slow fe is not keeping my levels up.

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Have you tried ferrous gluconate? I found that ferrous sulphate doesn't agree with my insides (goes through me too quickly!!). After talking to a gastroenterologist I tried ferrous gluconate instead - it still has undesirable effects but much less so than the sulphate version. I can't tolerate the full dose but manage to take enough to keep my haemoglobin in the normal range (previously needed multiple blood transfusions).

Most people complain of constipation with iron supplements - that is an easier problem to solve as you can take a laxative such as lactulose to keep things regular.


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